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  1. D

    No more new TLC License

    Why is TLC allowing unlimited number of people apply for TLC License at the same time complaining about Congestion, Since the Cap was put in place Last August more than 10,000 new TLC License was issued and all these growing number of driver starting to get frustrated cauz they stuck in the...
  2. Shimmy


    In my opinion AVOID leasing Mercedes METRIS at all costs. Reason number one. Through Via you will pay $450 a week. If you were driving in the five boroughs you will find it necessary to change the brake pads every seven months. It takes 10 quarts of special oil, So your oil change will be...
  3. JL Moore

    Free Dash Cams at Uber Greenlight in NYC?

    I was given a flyer on Thursday at the Uber Greenlight Location in NYC for a free dash cam. Has anyone heard of this before? 2 guys that said they were the founders of a company came up to me about it while I was leaving. Apparently, it's a free 2-year rental and they do something with the data...
  4. PimpMyRideShare

    Feb 1st a day to celebrate?

    Will TLC finally twist the big companies arm and make them pay out the a$$? Should we celebrate the new increase of income or will we end up disappointed? Will I upgrade my dinner from Ramen Noodles? Tune in next month for the next episode...
  5. R

    So slow

    Via so slow I get 3 rides for 6 hours smh.
  6. Zuber Hewrami

    Property Damage

    I had an intoxicated passenger the other night ripped my leather seat upon sudden exit from my brand new car with whatever sharp object in his pocket or attached to his pants while he was puking on my front passenger door. Uber refuses to pay for the damage and says its wear and tear! Finally...
  7. Khanie

    ViaVan - need help

    Quick question for Via drivers - if you're on a trip and you have to pick up another passenger along the way, but the pick up point is in an area you can't WAIT (for example a bus lane during hours of operation), what do you do?
  8. LoveTheBlues

    Daily Bradley - Uber & Lyft (and oh yeah...Via too)

    Not explaining the Title but if you've been reading, you will know. Mama Uber been play'n with our heads and just throwing all sorts of crap in the air to see what happens. Gone is paying drivers 80% of fare....gone is the old surge model...gone is the notion that more miles = more...
  9. burgerflipper


    saw this a few days ago. looks like it may have been taken down. Luxury SUV for at most $25/hr gross? So much misinformation out there...
  10. Zdriver19

    Via 200

    Anybody driving for via? Is it possible to do 200 rides in 30 days?
  11. D

    DFHV Hearing on Pick-up and Drop-Off Locations in D.C.

    Hey Guys! Little over a week ago I began the forum asking drivers for ideas on how the agency could help. I've taken many of the ideas to Director Chrappah and he had the idea of hosting a hearing to explore the pick-up and drop-off locations around the District. Please use the link below to...
  12. D

    DC Department of For-Hire Vehicles Wants to Help

    The DC Department of For Hire Vehicles is looking for ways to help the drivers of Uber, Lyft, and Via, which three topics are most important to you?
  13. MHR

    Uber, Lyft and Via join hands to block accessibility mandate

    NEWS April 13, 2018 3:35 p.m. Updated 04/13/2018 Uber, Lyft and Via sue to block wheelchair-accessibility mandate The filing calls the new rules "arbitrary and capricious" Matthew Flamm The city's three biggest ride-hail companies have banded together to undo the recently passed Taxi and...
  14. Zdriver19

    Via will lose license unless it expands servicel

    Ride-hailing service Via will lose license unless it expands service to Wards 7 and 8, D.C. officials say...
  15. tdoes

    The new Via

    I haven't done rideshare driving for little more than a week and wondered if anyone that drives the Via platform sees any more earnings potential since the zone increase? I hoped for the zone increase and wonder if the ridership has increased noticeably since the changes!
  16. mags2K

    VIA Service is now 24/7

    Via noticed me via text today that effective today their service will operate 24/7. They are way too late to join the party! Despite the newly announced 24/7 service their area of service still remain restricted to a limited downtown area and airport location.
  17. warrior lady

    Is Driving Via Worth It If 70% of My Driving Time is Late Night and Rarely Drive Rush Hour?

    Have a dodge caravan 2013 but no leather seats. Have 2007 Prius also.. but think it’s too old?
  18. AcceptanceRate

    Driving more than 2hours a day makes you less intelligent, study finds

    The researchers analysed the lifestyles of more than 500,000 Britons aged between 37 and 73 over five years, during which they took intelligence and memory tests. The 93,000 people who drove more than two to three hours a day typically had lower brainpower at the start of the study, which kept...
  19. Maven

    RideSharing Spreads Across New York State

    https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/03/nyregion/uber-lyft-via-ride-sharing-new-york.html Relief and Trepidation as Ride Hailing Spreads Across New York NY Times - JULY 3, 2017 - By SARAH MASLIN NIR and JAMES BARRON Brian Rybak, an Uber driver, in East Hampton, N.Y. He recently began working for...
  20. TheLastMileDriver

    What should I provide to passengers?

    Hi everyone!! I've seen a lot of mixed responses and advice on what you should have in your car to get increased tips and top ratings. I was thinking of doing a couple of different things but wanted to get all of your advice and opinions before I commit. Top things I've seen/heard about: 1)...