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  1. Kurt Halfyard

    1 Year Anniversary doing Ride Share. (I joined the 4%)

    Also my 1 Year Anniversary on UP.NET According to various metrics/studies (sorry, no footnotes) 96% of Uber/LYFT drivers quit before 1 year of driving Rideshare. Thanks for all the great advice/ideas/warnings from all the vets Actionjax , Athos , Yam Digger , dmoney155 i_k , evad77, Dancarriv...
  2. S

    Affiliations, Veterans

    In account, settings, affiliations you can verify that you are a veteran with ID. Me, it says there are special promotions, any veterans done this and gotten any?
  3. Do tell

    Newbie Drivers Meet Embittered Veterans

    https://www.google.com/url?q=http://motherboard.vice.com/read/newbie-drivers-meet-embittered-veterans-on-the-uberpeople-forum&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwisqojh7ajRAhUP-2MKHVVHBpIQFggFMAA&client=internal-uds-cse&usg=AFQjCNEH8Lj-GftnQhct2WDEs5zZXwj4Pg Newbie drivers meet embittered veterans
  4. S

    Signing up with Zemcar - Boston area new company for kids & seniors

    I'm applying to drive with Zemcar - I'd rather have my own safety in mind AND driving children & seniors is great. Check them out. They insure you for kids, teens. They are signing up drivers to launch in Boston.
  5. DrewTheShooter_Twitter

    I read a lot of threads over the last few hours...

    I wanted to say thank you to a handful of members on here. The information you guys put out there & questions you were able to answer gave me some real insight. SnowTop SunchaserTampa CheesyMike Chisox1125 I'm an out of work Consultant / Engineer & the tips I got from you guys were very...
  6. FromNY2TX

    New Lyft driver, starting Uber soon!

    I'm an Army Vet driving while completing an online MBA program and its going okay. I've been driving for Lyft about a week and my background was just cleared by Uber(should be driving in a few days). Lyft has been good and I've received tips on 95% of my rides. Still trying to find good spots...
  7. Ms.Doe

    Disabled veterans educational benefits

    If you are a disabled veteran or a veteran who is entitled to educational benefits thru the VA, you would be better served taking a course in school then driving full time for Uber. Just a thought
  8. chi1cabby

    G. I. Driver | One Man's Mission To Help Veterans Find Work Through Uber