veterans day

  1. New2This

    Veteran's Day

    On a serious note for a moment: I won't say "Happy Veteran's Day" because it's not really a festive day. I will say a big "Thank You!" to the Veterans amongst us. Thank you for doing what you do/did so we have the freedom to be the Deplorable @@@@ups we are. Now back to your regularly...
  2. warrior lady

    Getting the Long Weekend Started Right.. Declaring Veterans’ Day SLOW for Rides

    I’m jumping the gun and declaring Veteran’s Day a BUST !! What do think ??? - I’m avoiding DCA as the shiiteshow it is... AVOID at all Costs!! Think BWI may be good, maybe.
  3. Ghwwe72

    Veterans Day This Friday

    Friday is Veterans Day! I know some businesses stay open so they can have the day after Thanksgiving off! Will Friday wind up being a quiet day or will it still be a normal day for Lyft and Uber?