1. OrlUberOffDriver

    AT&T and Verizon

    Limit your location sharing by these 2 providers. AT&T at: Verizon at:
  2. Skepticaldriver

    Had verizon salesman try to bait me with HUM and uber ping priority

    so yeah. Long story short. Verizon salesman tried to upsell HUM service to me. He was saying uber would give ping priority. Not sure i believe that. But ive been getting uber pings from hecka far away. Not sure i want that ping priority or if some verizon dope even has the juice to make...
  3. VitaminT

    About time I started using my wireless reward...Recommendations?

    I would like see how Drivers out there are using their wireless rewards (and maybe other rewards). My family has AT&T and it is time to upgrade 2-3 of the 4 phones on our plan so it seems like a good time to consider changing to Verizon. This isn't necessarily a Verizon vs. AT&T as a wireless...
  4. Sammie07

    Cell Providers in the Burgh

    Hey all, I was just wondering what cell phone providers you have found to have good coverage when driving in the city and surrounding areas. Anyone use sprint? What's your experience been?