1. Diegolobo

    Sterling verification

    Hi everyone, so im trying to apply to be a uber eats rider but they send me another verification way by a company called Sterling, and now this company is telling me to go to a post office to identify myself plus i will have to pay a fee, idk sounds like scam but they send me to that company...
  2. gaaraisgod

    Anyone run into this issue?

    The camera is otherwise fine. I can take selfies but I'm a dumbass so I can't find the in-app chat.
  3. New2This

    About That Driver Verification Uber Does...

    I think it may need a little work. I'll show the unedited version at the Meetup Sunday. Heading into 2.0X Boost zone and turned app on. Of course NOW it decides it wants to verify my identity. I did this and it accepted it. To quote the late Casey Kasem: Ponderous man, fornicating ponderous.
  4. MHR

    New Twist on the Uber Scam

    Driver in my local group got the scam call last night. She hung up on caller, they called 3 more times then sent these texts.
  5. L

    Uber drivers please be careful of fraudulent "ID Verifications" -- money grabbers!

    REAR READ!!! Last night, an Uber "affiliate. Other driver??"breaks in as usual for a periodic ID verification. But they are stronger about it this time and they say I cannot continue until I give them the verification, which has indeed happened before so I'm not totally surprised. They make...
  6. RedoBeach

    Verify Identity.. Busted

    Is anyone having any trouble with the verify identity feature on the app? I was forced to pull over in the middle of morning rush hour to snap a screenshot of my face. Once I get to the circle where I tap to snap a picture, the stupid button won't work to take the picture. It's definitely...
  7. LEAFdriver

    Verification Required SELFIE!!!

    GRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Got my FIRST ONE OF THESE about half an hour ago! This is going to be a HUGE PAIN and probably a safety issue....not in the way you would think!!! :eek: I signed off my app for what I thought would be 1-2 minutes in order to let a POOL requester that I had ignored....find...
  8. OCDodgerFan

    A Friendly Reminder to Verify Your Passengers

    Admit it: You get a hit on your app, and you drive to the pick-up point. Someone gets in the car, you swipe, and off you go. But you neglected to do one important thing: Verify the passenger's name. We've all done it. In my relatively short time doing this, I freely admit to overlooking this...

    Check yo completed trips y'all

    Hellz Na!! I just went online to verify my trips cause my pay stub seemed off by about $50.... Sure enough, caught a trip that's WAY off.. I hit them up about it and their response was the same one they massed out to everyone about a "Tech Issue" the system experienced on the 21st (the day...