1. A

    Gotta vent

    I picked up a couple who were at a B and B in the middle of nowhere. Had to drive about 15 min to get there. Picked up a young couple. Waited 8 minutes for them to come out. They got in the car, and then we went down the road for about a mile on a 15 mile trip. Woman says, I can't find my bag...
  2. RoWode12

    101 Reasons To ‘Strongly Dislike’ Being an Uber Driver

    Let’s create a list of gripes! Come on and vent. I’ll start with #1, then the next poster lists #2, and so on... 1.) Drive thrus!!!! The answer is “NO!!!!” I will not sit in this drive thru line for 15mins for free on a minfare! Wtf?! Screw over an eager Eats Driver if you want...
  3. Ubertrappin

    Uber base rates

    hey uber, can we please raise the base rate or set a spending minimum of $5-$6 for these mini trips??? I know there a good and bad days but I should be able to at least make minimum wage on a bad day. Just tonight I had two trips in one hr and made $4.40, total, for that hour. The first pax had...
  4. Edman

    Measly $28.00 for 5 hours of Ubering

    Went out this morning for 5 hours and made only $ 28.00. Picked up 6 passengers. Calculation shows it is below minimum wage $5.60 per hour. Then, I have to deduct gas and car maintenance, cleaning, etc... from measly 28.00. Plus paying tax.. It’s almost like working for free.......
  5. Cou-ber

    Ima @@@@@ 2X

    I am a bitt-ch and I am going to vent because: 1. I can 2. There is this forum 3. I'm on the rag Halloween I go into what will become a 12 trip night and $108.00 + $4 in tip. I have a 4.91 rating and know it should be higher. I have bedecked my car in theme (bloody hands on window, bat decals...