1. Lissetti

    Safety Issues with ride-share vehicles

    One in 6 Uber and Lyft Cars Have Open Safety Recalls, Consumer Reports' Study Suggests CR's review of 94,000 vehicle records in New York City and Seattle area shows companies do little to address open recalls By Ryan Felton May 21, 2019 Among the tens of thousands of Uber and Lyft vehicles...
  2. Mr. Knowitall

    I dont see the uber eats option

    Hello there, I am an uber driver that used to drive a mitsubishi outlander sport for both uberX & UberEats. On march 2nd of this year i lost it in a bumper to bumper accident and the insurance deemed it a total lost. For a month i was out of work until i recieved money from the insurance after...
  3. SCdave

    Love, Death & Robots....

    Love, Death & Robots.... Sounds like a the love child of Uber & Self Driving Cars... ... but actual a Netflix Series - " Dark comedy converge in this anthology of animated stories...". 6-17 minute shorts with good twists at the end, clever writing, and animation that makes you think. Well...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Uber adds a ‘clean air fee’ in London to help drivers upgrade to electric cars London residents who use Uber will have to pay an extra 15 pence (USD $0.19) per mile under the ride-hail company’s new Clean Air plan that was announced Monday. The surcharge will go toward helping...
  5. Rango

    Has Lyft implemented new 2019 vehicle damage (puke) policy?

    It appears to me that Lyft has implemented new vehicle damage policy. Let me know if you guys got similar massage ? For $100 we (lyft) reserve and buy the right for any passenger from now on to be able to damage your vehicle (with puke) at will with no future compensation for the damage unless...
  6. MikeNY

    Uber vehicle requirements

    How does Uber come up with Uber Vehicle requirements for Select or other categories? For example, the all new Cadillac model ( never seen before ) XT4 should be on the list of Select vehicles. 2019 Lexus NK 2019 Toyota Rav4 completely redesigned Do they have an option for...
  7. MikeNY

    2019 Cars Suvs with Ride Sharing in mind.

    Before you comment how stupid you are for buying a new car :( for Ride Share. This post is about, the type of vehicle you would buy in the 2019 category. What Make and Model and why :D
  8. BurgerTiime

    Man thought stranger’s car was his Lyft; now he’s hospitalized with brain injury She’s concerned about the quality of life her husband will have after he leaves the hospital RNN) - Christopher Matthews has been in an Oakland, CA, hospital for nearly three...
  9. Vishnu643

    another damn vehicle inspection question...followed by plate questions

    So in reverse order, JUST got my plate letter today (talk about irony) and now plan in a few days to get my plates. When you get your TLC plates, do you HAVE to return your regular plates, or can you at least keep one? I ask this because to pass the time and keep making scratch, I"m doing uber...
  10. smittenkitten

    How many TLC plated vehicles allowed per driver?

    Hello I'm new to the forum and Uber in general thanks in advance for any info: How many vehicles am I allowed to license/plate as a TLC driver? I registered one yesterday and am buying another today. I have an LLC but would prefer not to go that route; I would rather they stay under my name...
  11. T

    State vehicle inspection

    Uber wants me to upload vehicle inspection document but my state doesn’t require inspection. Uber support told me it’s because my account is registered to a state that does require the inspection. Does anyone know if I can have my car inspected in Massachusetts if it’s registered in Connecticut...
  12. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Will you buy an electric vehicle in the near future, with the subsidy cancelled by PC government?

    The $15,000 electric vehicle (EV) will be eliminated by the incoming PC government. Without this subisidy the price difference between and EV and Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle will be too great to justify buying an EV. And, as well, the subsidies to build the charging stations...
  13. BurgerTiime

    Driver asked to cough up $1k after his vehicle was shot up five times On Sunday morning, around 2:30 a.m. in the Depot District of Lubbock, Texas, Uber driver Jake Collinson responded to a trip request. When Collinson picked up his passenger...
  14. S

    Changing ownership

    Hey guys, I need some advice about transferring a car from the owner's name to mine without losing TLC sticker, license plate and etc. Did anybody has experience like this or heard or knows about this kinda situation? Would appreciate your help and advices! ✌
  15. L

    Uber vehicle year requirement for NYC 2018

    Hi all, I'm hoping to start Uber driving very soon but can't find the latest year requirements for a vehicle. Trying to contact uber is a nightmare. I'm considering using a 2008 or 2009 VW jetta, will this car be ok or does it have to be newer? The site says 2006 but I'm unsure how updated that...
  16. lx9

    Need to Reschedule TLC Vehicle Inspection Appointment

    TLC scheduled my appointment in 2 days but I'm headed out the country that same morning. I thought I would be able to schedule the appointment on my own time so that's my fault. Says I need to reschedule within 48 hrs of my's under 48hrs & TLC is closed after 5. (I tried...
  17. BurgerTiime

    California lawmaker wants all Uber, Lyft cars to be electric by 2028 bY: LIAM DILLON All rideshare vehicles must be electric A Bay Area lawmaker wants to require Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing companies to have...
  18. Daisy&Cream

    Car rental

    Hi guys, Do any if you know any lease to own or rent to own (preferably with no down payment) in San Diego? Any suggestions? I'm college student with no money and no credit. Even a temp rental to work for Uber for few months until I can save $2000 to buy a car would work. Thanks!/
  19. J

    2010 Holden omega - will pass?

    Hi guys , just brought a 2010 Holden omega dual fuel ., I got miss guided by my friend ., He Said as long as the car is nor 10 year old it can pass Uber . But just found out it has to be 8 years . Having my 2010 Holden will it pass ., Only few days to new year's, please some one help
  20. Y

    To be a driver. Working Holiday visa 417

    I have a working holiday visa and a driver licence. I've been driving for more than 1 year here in Sydney. My vehicle is 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport Manual. Can I be a Uber driver? and can I use my car for Uber?