vehicle registration

  1. burgerflipper

    New vehicle question

    Hey guys, I'm currently doing Uber in NYC but plans are in motion to move (not 100% sure yet that it's to Philly though). I know the money's not as good here but my question is can I have NYS registration for my vehicle or do I need PA registration? Thanks, bf
  2. Neolyfter

    Updating vehicle registration

    My vehicle registration number changed (change of state). How do I update in the LYFT dashboard? Do not see an option.
  3. P

    Vehicle Registration update

    It's time to update my vehicle licensing with Uber but they only accept one pic at a time and they keep telling me that there is an issue with the picture. 1. Is this one of those things that I have to actually go into the office for? 2. What are the office locations where there is parking?