vehicle inspections

  1. CO_Cowboy

    Hard to find vehicle inspections...

    Mates, Our city only has two hubs to get a vehicle inspected. Both open 10-5 M-F (Not very helpful). After a few bad responses from Support I finally got this... Hope it helps.
  2. Braden Scott

    Vehicle Inspection?

    Hi All I am looking for a place to get my car inspection. Somewhere in or around Fayetteville. Any suggestions would be a huge help. Thank you!
  3. ftamattyice13

    Application for Dallas Vehicle Permit

    The City of Dallas just issued my Drivers Permit. I am now able to apply for " Transportation-for-Hire Motorized Vehicle Registration " There is obviously a part on the application that says "Will this vehicle operate at Love Field?" The followup question is asking for my Toll Tag Number...
  4. Charles Pro Driver

    vehicle inspection

    I don't under stand why Uber does not make this vehicle inspections mandatory in all markets? (a) complete a 19-point vehicle inspection document on any vehicle used to provide rides through the Uber platform. Please bring this document to any ASE-certified mechanic for completion. A list of...
  5. Tahoexpress

    Vehicle Inspection??

    I've been driving for two weeks now and from this forum I've learned that Uber has an auto inspect policy, or at least they do in some cases/areas maybe?? Does it actually apply to all markets and I was just over looked to get me on the road to help shuttle city public transportation goers...
  6. Baker1bv

    Vehicle inspection

    Hey I can't be the only one wondering, I wasn't able to make it to the UBER sponsored vehicle inspections, anyone know people around here that are willing to do an approved auto inspection for a reasonable cost? Anyone heard of any shops doing them in the las vegas area yet? Thanks in Advance