vehicle inspection

  1. P3Christopher

    Pay for inspection now?

    Just got the "your account needs attention" message from Uber. Went to the Mieneke for their free inspection but found out they now charge for the inspeciton. Need to go to a greenlight center for the inspection to be "free"... Santa Barbara or West LA. WHAT! My first two inspections were free...
  2. Rhettbutler

    Vehicle inspection in Markham /North York?

    Hi, Anybody knows a trustful and cheap mechanics doing vehicle inspection in Markham and north York region? Thanks
  3. S

    TLC inspection date

    hi, i recieved an email from tLC that warning me about not missing my inspection day, bit i have not recieved the date yet. i went tru my email to check if i missed it but i didn’t find anything. Has anyone incurred this before?
  4. bradleyf81

    Dash Cam Mounting Question

    Hi everyone. Right now, I have a dashcam that's mounted with a suction cup but it's sort of a POS and I want to replace it. When I went through the T&LC vehicle inspection the first time, I remember the guy telling me to take everything off the windshield, that nothing could be mounted to the...
  5. SpencerDawg

    Information Session?

    I've been driving with Lyft for a couple of months, and have just applied with Uber as well... I uploaded everything fine... and then I got an "invite" for: -----You’re so close to getting on the road—the final missing piece is your vehicle inspection. Good news! We’re hosting local...
  6. HBG

    Vehicle Inspection Certificate

    Hi. What is the difference between a Vehicle Inspection Certificate & a Pink Slip in NSW? Is it the same thing or different?
  7. CO_Cowboy

    Hard to find vehicle inspections...

    Mates, Our city only has two hubs to get a vehicle inspected. Both open 10-5 M-F (Not very helpful). After a few bad responses from Support I finally got this... Hope it helps.
  8. S

    Renewing vehicle inspection

    How do I go about getting a new vehicle inspection, is it just a matter of taking it to Port Melb, waiting in a queue? Does the site in Dandenong still operate?
  9. D

    Uber Vehicle Inspection Checks

    Does anyone know if they check the car for scratches and minor scuffing of the paint?
  10. mags2K

    Greenlight Vehicle Inspection

    My current Car is a SUV which qualifies as XL but my per mile costs operation are high when I mostly ride X or Pool. In order to Offset the costs at least partially, I am thinking of adding my wife's Sedan as an additional vehicle. So when I first signed up with Uber as a Driver the App and...
  11. mags2K

    Airport ride document requirements

    Across Uber forums they mention that carrying the vehicle inspection report is a requirement for Airport rides in Chicago. However, the Uber driver app does not display any images of the applicable documents (License, Insurance, Inspection, etc.) but just the validity dates. Of course one is...
  12. MattPfeif


    Long story, but I'll try to make it short. I opted for the facetime video vehicle inspection and it took about 20 minutes but no big deal. However, some incompetent dork uploaded it to the wrong vehicle. I was in the process of adding a 2nd vehicle at the time. He uploaded the inspection to...
  13. I

    Vehicle safety sertificate

    Good morning. Can anybody tell me what's going on with vehicle safety certificate. Where, what, how and how much? On email they said wait for mail. Any help appreciated. Have a hood day. Thanks.
  14. Fostel

    The STICKERS thread! No Smoking / Roundels / Red Route Signage

    NO SMOKING / NO FOOD/ NO DRINK I want to place No food/drink stickers inside my car. I was about to design and print myself a little ones just for back side windows but found this: What is an actual legal requirement? Are 70mm no smoking stickers a...
  15. LALyftDriver

    Lyft Deactivated Vehicle Inspection

    I just got my Lyft driver account deactivated today, Saturday 10/29, the biggest night of the year. It sated I needed to get a vehicle inspection. I noticed it after my first ride today. I was at 44 rides for the week and needed just one more to get the $175 incentive (for giving 45 rides this...
  16. brevardseattlemarinersfan

    Unable to Login - Terrible Partner Support

    My first weekend of driving for Uber went well. Then my vehicle had a mechanical issue which was resolved yesterday and I tried to get online, but no. "Your vehicle is not authorized to operate in Central Atlantic Coast, Florida." 1) I live in Central Atlantic Coast, but my first weekend I...
  17. Uber-Doober

    Vehicle Inspections In New York... Just Wondering.

    I was going through Youtube and actually, by accident I came across this video. Just one question.... I always thought that New York State had periodic vehicle inspections, but correct me if I'm wrong. This Chrysler Pacifica's subframe is toast and fixing it I think is a lost cause. Don't...