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vehicle financing

  1. Janabethz

    How can I get my car refinanced as Uber driver?

    Help! I've been trying for over a month through various financial institutions to get my car refinanced. The process starts out fine then once say I drive for Uber, I'm told flat out: " Sorry, we can't refinance you.". I do know the reason why but I wonder if anyone has experienced this issue...
  2. living_the_dream

    Best company for Uber vehicle financing

    My current car is okay but I'm looking to upgrade to increase fuel economy (more profits $$) and also to improve the comfort and experience for riders (more ***** stars). So I've noticed that Uber is now offering their top-rated partners special deals on new vehicle financing. I was lucky...
  3. chi1cabby

    Uber partners with SocietyOne to deliver car loans to it's Drivers