1. Karl Marx

    Do you guys vape?
  2. ZenUber

    Pax says - “you get no...”

    I pick up two women going to a movie theater. Younger one is twenty something, older one is fifty something. Very quiet pickup, no sign of trouble. When we get about a block away from the destination, I ask if it’s on the left or the right, because I don’t see a theater. They tell me it’s about...
  3. ZenUber

    To all the smoking Pax

    I used to smoke, so I know what it’s like. But: When you take that last drag as you’re opening my car door, the smoke gets inside my car and I get downgraded by the next passenger for that. I will in turn down rate you for that. Please don’t ask if you can smoke or Vape in the car. The answer...
  4. Wraiththe

    VAPING POT in my car and lying about it! (and dangerous conditions.)

    Hi, Was 5 mins from home with a last ride in the car when I was pinged. (late evening.) Feeling a little greedy I accepted (while driving.) It was below freezing in Icy conditions... actually quite treacherous. (thought it was a quick ride.) Nope. I tried to call the ride and ask if...
  5. Jack Malarkey


    Would you allow a passenger to vape (use an e-cigarette) in your car? I had a passenger ask whether he could. I replied yes. It left a slight (rather pleasant) herbal smell that did not linger.