1. lx9

    Do I NEED to head to woodside for a new sticker?

    My car became a victim recently. I got it fixed but obviously my new qt glass doesnt have the diamond sticker on it... Do I NEED to head to the tlc insepction spot? (Keyword is need) What are the consequences for driving without it?
  2. uber79nyc

    Cars vandalized at Montauk LIRR station

    Has anyone else seen or heard of this? My friend said he was dropping off at the station early yesterday and he saw a QX60 without the passenger front wheel, when he asked the driver said someone cut his tire overnight and because the nearest tire shop wanted 250 to fix so his friend was...
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    Anyone Caught in Anararchist Craziness Yesterday?

    Anyone have a ride going to or from Locke / Charlton Saturday evening? I'm curious to hear the stories of just what went down and the extent of it.
  4. BurgerTiime

    Charges: Woman kicks out Uber windshield, commands dog to kill police officer MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A southern Minnesota woman is facing felony charges after she allegedly kicked out an Uber driver’s windshield, damaged his cellphone and commanded her...
  5. Tunnelvision

    "Red Alert" (strength in numbers)

    it's been a while since I've been on the site to see what's not going well with UBER. Kind of refreshing in a strange way. Lol. It's been a solid 2 years driving for FUBER. I've seen it all. Mainly the issues I have are with enduring the struggle in policies and protocols on the internal side...
  6. AZ-XOEM

    ►Vandalism or Violence?

    Recently had ( 3 ) nails spiked into my rear tires,... stopped in at QuikTrip to drain a kidney and, grab some lunch,... -came out with two flat tires. Has anyone else in Phoenix had this problem? Random Vandalism? A Bad Apple from one of the other Cab companies in/around Phoenix? ...or...
  7. K

    Vandalism from taxi drivers. 3 windows smashed.

    Hello, I'm in Portland, Oregon and recently had someone target me as an Uber driver. It was definitely Uber related as nothing was stolen, and they broke three windows. Someone (a POS taxi driver) is logging in as a rider and not hailing Uber rides, but using the app to find car locations...