1. S

    Best time for vacation

    Hey Guys, I just started uber this year so not sure about Uber non-pick months. It's good to take break on January or February. Any specific weeks Or months?
  2. Maven

    Employee or Contractor? Choose Now!

    Please vote in the Poll. How to be paid and classified? If you were given the choice today, what would it be? Not every driver agrees. There are pros and cons on both sides. EMPLOYEE PROS Minimum wage guaranteed, every day, even when slow. Get standard benefits and protections mandated by the...
  3. Uguy22

    Slow Time

    I started to drive at 4;00 pm and by 5:00 pm I made $10.50. It is so slow that I called it a day. Vacations.....
  4. cin90

    Anyone else getting back into the groove after the long weekend/vacation?

    Haven't Lyfted for almost a week due to my mini-vacation. Since I've only been Lyfting about 3 weeks at this point, I'm jonesing to get those rides in. It was a road trip and thought of things like: Using the 'Destination Filter' but was road-tripping with someone Lyfting in the city I was...
  5. chi1cabby

    Uber may Re-activate Waitlisted or Deactivated Accounts at Higher Commission

    Steve Gee is a San Francisco Driver who was onboarded at 20% commission before Uber_SF rolled out 25% Commission for New Drivers.