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  1. AHFAM8416

    Customer Service Phone Number??

    Does anyone have the Uber Eats Customer Service phone number for a support team that does more than read from an infuriatingly stupid and unhelpful script before doing nothing to help?? Please, anything would be much appreciated, these people are going to drive me straighten to the looney bin...
  2. Uberchampion

    62 pages of useless threads...

  3. bigjm4n

    m*uber*com is not for ordering rides

    Uber claims that m*uber*com is their website in which you can order a uber at home if you do not have a smartphone with you. This is a lie and I know because I have tried several times to order and uber to work, parties, etc. and the same exact thing pops up : "There was an error processing your...
  4. Cowboyup


    Read that Uber no longer allows DailyPay. Anyone use them?
  5. P


    This article got me thinking: have you had ANY pax recently that actually bothered themselves with the Spotify feature? I think it's pretty-much been forgotten.