1. beebob

    Donna Heinel, USC official fired over college bribery scandal, now drives for Lyft A top University of Southern California official who was fired for allegedly taking bribes in the college admissions scandal is now working as a Lyft driver — and selling her $2...
  2. elronaldo

    USC Lyft Ride-Me raw bonus

    Just got the text msg... when is Lyft going to learn that most rides have a destination outside their hot zone and while we might drive back to the hot zone 2 or 3 times before we learn better, NONE of us are going to drive back to the hot zone 20 or 30 times... Guess it's good enough to get a...
  3. M

    USC rides?

    Has anyone else been at usc tonight and not gotten one single usc ride? This has never happened . I usually have 10 rides by now but I've only gotten uber x hits all night. ??
  4. Showa50

    If you're going to opt out of POOL...

    ... Be sure to ask to be opted out of UberSC. They are the same thing, SC is worse since its gaurenteed to be minimum fare.
  5. Andre445

    Is there any limit for ucla or usc rides for Incentives ?

    HI . I want to know Is there any limit for ucla or usc rides for Incentives ?
  6. headtheball

    Question for a Friend

    Not for me honest. Do USC rides countfor the 35hr guarantees? I see confirmation that they add the the medal count, but can't find anything definitive that they count toward the 1.5 ride per hour requirement.
  7. BillyGoat

    Uber (Pool) scam at USC?

    This happened to me last night around 7PM during surge. I'll share with you at the end of this post how the scam will end up screwing us drivers where we make mere pittance on these rides even during surge. It started innocently enough: I dropped off a pax near USC around 7pm which was what...

    New Uber Service

    **New Duber Service** -Introducing a new late night "DOOBER DRIVE-TRHU"- Now providing great service with a smile to your late night local Pax (MORE LIKE LOCO PAX), anywhere near you. !!MUTHA-FUHKAZ!! Shieeet... I told them stank asses they "BETTER act right and think twice if y'all ever...