1. Phasmatrope

    ANYTHING good about Uber's new version?

    So I drove yesterday for the first time in about a month, and noticed that Uber had inexplicably changed their app. Like, completely. I know both it and Lyft have done upgrades before, but never this much. The interface is different, I'm not seeing ANY notice of potential bonuses for the day on...
  2. ksign

    Screw ios8/android5 partner app update

    it's not like Uber was on top of their business. lots of frustrations, tensions due to the grey zone they chose to deal with and now, they get rid of their drivers who are not planning on upgrading their old devices...
  3. Z

    Waiting for UberExec upgrade from UberX

    Hello, I have been driving for Uber for a year now in London, I recently purchased a E class. My rating is above averege also I drive a car which is supposed to be an executive vehicle. With these in considerstion i should be upgraded pretty soon? But i know thats not the case. I have been in...