upfront pricing

  1. Okker

    Uber's upfront pricing

    Upfront UBER quoted $65 from North Balwyn to Airport in morning peak on a weekday. Rider requested longer route as he claimed it would be faster. It was faster but it was about 30% longer and UBER would only pay me my share of the quoted $65 - despite their own rules allowing for changes in case...
  2. N

    Uber's deceitful behaviour with Upfront Pricing (fix price trips)

    Why would Uber implement Upfront pricing ? Why would Uber fixed the price for a trip ? Because it allows them to set the price. To underquote a price to the rider. Riders who see a low price will likely request the trip. Upfront Pricing is Uber's way to win back those riders that have moved over...
  3. burgerflipper

    POLL: What was the highest surge Uber charged pax on NYE?

    Decided to check thru my NYE uber trips to see what sort of surge there really was on NYE. This is a different way of looking at things than just calculating Uber's percentage. For example, if you got a ride at 2.5x and Uber took 60%, that means they charged surge pricing of 5.8x. You can find...
  4. Canteev

    Not for the Uber Shills

    Can someone please explain to me how this can even be justified? In recent times, Uber has actually lowered its price at the Shore, e.g., now minimum fare is $9.76, not $10.46. I have also been getting 70%+ of the fare in most trips. Tonight, I can't explain the pictures below. This was a...
  5. Mista T

    Lyft accused of skimming fares, just like upfront pricing

  6. HudsonDriver4Hire

    Season of Giving? FUHGEDDABOUDIT!

    More like season of taking! I do my part, taking as much as I can too, on nearly every ride. These crooks still manage to get away with a couple slices of pie. Imagine I'd gone in through one of the tunnels and out one of the bridges like a good little subservient, brainless ant. How many...
  7. burgerflipper

    How Uber is killing this business IN NUMBERS

    Upfront pricing and lots of drivers. Bottom line look at it this way: before the summer, the average distance to a ping was 5 minutes. Because you usually had to drive 5 minutes to get there. Now, the average is still 5 minutes: When it's busy, pings come from 10 minutes away with no surge, due...
  8. dirtylee

    Upfront Price Gouging Mega thread

    Uber has been charging pax monopoly prices. Please post screenshots as evidence.
  9. DeplorableDonald

    How to ensure Uber doesn't profit from Upfront Pricing

    Kudos to HPClays for this. His idea at first. Long story short we have all seen posts where people are getting bent over the log like Ned Beatty in Deliverance with Uber's Upfront Pricing scheme. Common to see Uber getting 40-60% take of the fare. If I can do a long way to increase my cut and...
  10. Canteev

    No Wonder

    Riders don't tip, and people are requesting Pool instead of UberX. For a long time, I had dismissed the idea that Uber was randomly making up the price. I figure that the upfront price was at least within 4-5% of the fare if it were based on mileage and minutes. I just did a trip where Uber...
  11. Vanstaal

    We don’t have to pay drivers based on rider fares

    Uber: We don’t have to pay drivers based on rider fares https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/09/uber-driver-pay-plan-puts-a-significant-risk-on-ride-hailing-service/ To those who take the shortest and fastest route to get their riders to their destinations and worry about their rated trips...
  12. Quatro40

    Uber Can't Ditch Drivers' UpPricing Class Action, Judge Says

    https://www.law360.com/articles/950374/uber-can-t-ditch-drivers-pricing-class-action-judge-says Uber Can't Ditch Drivers' Pricing Class Action, Judge Says Law360, August 1, 2017 -- Uber can’t shake a putative class action from drivers alleging a breach of contract stemming from its upfront...
  13. Sfla415guy

    Uber Increased Fares & Drivers Got a Pay Cut/Mystery "Uber Fee" Explained

    Every driver needs to go back and scrutinize all of their trips since upfront pricing has gone into effect aswell as trips since the transition of showing our per/mile per/minute rate pre & post 20% or 25% Commission vs. now just showing our rate after the 20% or 25% has been taken. Many...
  14. R

    "Who's with coming with me" Jerry Mcquire

    The state of rideshare is at a tipping point, or as some of your are saying now "what tips", and is open to a fair and respected organization to regain the idea of this gig/share economy concept. Uber is not currently that player. The idea of rideshare was a spin off other share economies like...
  15. A

    Alternative pricing.

    Would it be ok to offer 25% off to someone on a rideshare? Like use venmo and tell the pax that youll offer them 25% off of ubers bull**** upfront pricing if they pay you on venmo or cash. I was thinking thats literally the greatest way of combating ubers garbage system.
  16. Toonces-the-cat

    Uber just made an additional $2.50 off of my services.

    Uber just made an additional $2.50 off of my services. I love they way they justify it. They can what ever they want and the drivers get the scraps. What a great partnership. This is the wackiest independent contractor situation I have ever found myself in. As an independent contractor...
  17. R

    Uber's change in terms and conditions

    A few years ago, Uber tried this rushed change in policy with an arbitration agreement to avoid drivers joining a class action lawsuits. However, there was a ruling stating that they had to allow drivers to opt out of the the new arbitration agreement. The driver could opt out by sending an...
  18. Dan The Lyft Man

    New Uber Driver Addendum 05/19/217

    Hey Guys, Hopefully we all go an email this morning from Uber. About a new driver addendum to our partner agreement :eek::eek::eek:. After you read all the fluff in the email from Uber on how this change is for the driver. This is to address Upfront pricing. I love this part from the email...
  19. cacrobert96

    Uber Class Action Lawsuit for upfront pricing fraud

    Major Class Action against Uber for upfront pricing fraud. Sign up: www.justice for drivers.com (no spaces) Uberman explains it here: https://youtu .be/ v1q4_-IdkEM (no spaces)
  20. BurgerTiime

    Uber drivers are using this trick to make sure the company doesn’t underpay them

    https://qz.com/956139/uber-drivers-are-comparing-fares-with-riders-to-check-their-pay-from-the-company/ Snap a pic of the fair- Drivers have found a loophole in Uber’s fare calculations. Uber charges riders at the time of booking by guessing what a trip will cost. But it calculates driver...