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update uber

  1. Phasmatrope

    Uber withholding/hiding their bonuses??

    So question/clarification, as I drive for both L & U (PT, if I can help it). I used to just drive Sundays, and noticed Ubs would usually-- on the older versions of their apps-- advertise as you were driving, 22/60, 22/90, etc... basically, saying how many rides you'd have to complete to earn a...
  2. Cartier

    Uber’s latest adendum: Arbitration provision

    Guys, watch out and take your time to read this arbitration provision before clicking “ yes I agree button “. Drive for other rideshare companies meanwhile and dont forfait your right to a possible class action lawsuit benefit without reading the section 15.3 of the new adendum( arbitration...
  3. Maven

    App Update Suggestions

    Uber, Lyft and others update their Apps frequently and randomly. It is best, but not required, to have the most recent application software update. The following suggestions are for Android users, but there are similar procedures for iPhone users. Check at least once-a-day, before you start...
  4. incomecsm

    Rider should RATE before seeing fare!!!

    Rating is so important and pressure factor for Uber drivers. For driver, you must rate the rider and then Uber shows you the Trip Fare. But for rider, they see the Trip Fare and then they rate you whenever they log on next time. Sometimes, they might forget about your service and randomly rate...