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  1. rkalvin


    My 2009 Chevrolet Silverado was stolen 7/12/19 from the Keith Family YMCA at 8100 Old Mallard Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28262 . I would provide a generous reward to anyone with any info regarding it. Thank you. I have attached (2) pictures of the vehicle.
  2. HiDuuken

    Never doing a UM game again.

    Much traffic and much B.S... Students are bussed charter... And the one 25% primetime I got cancelled just as I approached him (should have hit arrived sooner).
  3. G

    OXFORD? Anybody heading to Ole Miss?

    Just wondering if any Memphis drivers are going to head to Ole Miss to Uber/Lyft? I'm on the fence being that I don't know the area....
  4. R

    Contacting Drivers for Survey

    Hey everyone, I'm Rob, a university student in Worcester MA, who's trying to conduct research that'd require a survey of Uber driver opinions. I was wondering if anyone would have any ideas on how best to conduct this. I was planning on posting something here on the forums, but maybe there's a...
  5. JD Bishop

    Furman University

    Just a heads up for tonight, Sept 29th: School has started back this week, and that means Furman students need UBER, and even though Furman has a bus that goes to downtown, it is not timely or reliable. This means that more students will be using UBER tonight. There are at least 5 bars...