1. Graham Wellington

    Vote for Union?

    Your earnings will go down if you vote for a union unless you're a union boss and control the LAX queue.
  2. tcaud

    Self-driving cars coming soon

    https://www.cincinnati.com/story/money/2017/12/20/driverless-shuttles-horizon-cvg-university-cincinnati-shuttles-could-available-tprogram-could-implem/962322001/ The writing is on the wall...
  3. givemewine1st

    If A Union Of Uber Drivers For Quebec Started Would You Join?

    In light of growing dissatisfaction In light of ridiculous driver quitting rates In light of drivers being at the mercy of Uber and the riders In light of being subject To ridiculous rates And poor service at head office In light of the fact The company negotiated a deal that satisfied its own...
  4. Maven

    Driver Benefits

    If drivers like you were represented then what should our Union demand from Uber? I'd like to see: Increased pay. Uber cut decreased from 25% to 20% and drivers get a percentage of the booking fee. Tipping feature on rider-App Limit number of drivers (or rider-to-driver ratio) in a city so...
  5. Maven


    Unions say they help members get respect, be treated fairly, have a voice, get better wages and benefits from large corporations, like Uber. Do you think that Uber is terrified of unions? Uber lost a Seattle lawsuit...
  6. N

    UK Uber drivers win key employment case

    Uber drivers win key employment case Uber drivers in the UK have won an employment tribunal case which ruled they are workers rather than self-employed. The decision means drivers will be entitled to holiday pay, paid rest breaks and the National Minimum Wage. ... The landmark ruling could...
  7. OC Lady Uber Driver

    CADA - Alive and well or roadkill?

    At one point there were discussions posted about organizing and stuff. And I was thinking it couldn't be the first time this had come up, so I researched a bit and found the CADA website. And wrote them this email I'd like to share with you. Hello, I have a some questions after reviewing the...