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  1. Maven

    Driver Benefits

    If drivers like you were represented then what should our Union demand from Uber? I'd like to see: Increased pay. Uber cut decreased from 25% to 20% and drivers get a percentage of the booking fee. Tipping feature on rider-App Limit number of drivers (or rider-to-driver ratio) in a city so...
  2. Maven


    Unions say they help members get respect, be treated fairly, have a voice, get better wages and benefits from large corporations, like Uber. Do you think that Uber is terrified of unions? Uber lost a Seattle lawsuit...
  3. Jvx211

    Unionize Uber!!!

    I started doing deliveries on Uber Eats as a way to make some side cash and I noticed the frustrations felt about working for Uber. The Uber fee they take out is ridiculous and there are many lawsuits into the company's practices going on and a lot of drivers feel stiffed by the company With...
  4. tipster98122

    City of Seattle collective bargaining workshops

    For all Seattle and King County drivers: In case you missed this in your mail. Can't make any of the workshops? Scroll down to find out how you can still provide input. Workshops scheduled to implement Seattle's for-hire collective bargaining law. You are receiving this email because you at...
  5. @earth_to_jen

    What must be included in any Miami Drivers vs Uber national class action settlement

    The California Massachussets Uber driver settlement leaves the lawyers rich and TNC drivers left between a rock and a hard place with no clarification of what rights drivers are entitled to under the Federal antitrust law called the Sherman Act. The Sherman Act that prevents you from unionizing...
  6. Miggy

    We need to unionize

    I know this has been said before. I know nothing has come of them before. But this is something that is clearly needed. We are thousands. We should be calling the shots. Its really very simple: Uber and Lyft compete over passengers but they also need to compete over drivers. Something I don't...
  7. tipster98122

    Best article yet about Driver legal rights, waiting time, minimum wage, acceptance rates, etc.

    I agree. The points made are well-articulated and researched. Please help spread this link far and wide as it is not getting nearly enough exposure on this forum.
  8. afrojoe824

    US Chamber of Commerce suing Seattle for letting Uber and Lyft drivers unionize

    The US Chamber of Commerce is suing the city of Seattle over a law that allows Uber and Lyft drivers to unionize. The Chamber, a pro-business and anti-labor American lobbying group, is wading into the growing debate over the rights and classification of ride-hailing workers, and it's using...
  9. tipster98122

    Unionizing Uber drivers in Seattle--part 2. The case for riders.

    Why this issue is important for riders, too. http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2015/12/15/3732245/uber-seattle-rider-safety/