1. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Any women Uber drivers out there in the GTA besides the 3 that I saw?

    I saw one at the sh*tter on Saturday and two last saturday at the same place. Are the women Uber/Lyft drivers like the proverbial white unicorn. Scarce and elusive?
  2. Just for fun Detroit

    Select Unicorn. Didn’t think they existed anymore!

    120 mile UberSelect unicorn. The guy ran his 38ft Sea Ray aground in Lake Erie. Ripped off both props. Select unicorns do still exist!
  3. HPClays

    2 gems and a unicorn

    1) First accepted ping of the night is a DF trip from Fairfax toward the city and it's a pool. Arrive, start the cancel timer, at 1:40 bouncer comes asks if I'm picking up 2 dudes. I respond that it's an uberpool for "Gordan" Guy stumbles out and sits in the car, 2nd guy turns back, so I say...
  4. Χ

    Unicorn sighting statistics

    Just wondering how often you would get a unicorn fare? For the newbies, a unicorn is a rare and lucrative fare. For example, Frankston to Geelong and return 3.2x surge might be a golden unicorn. Ringwood to airport 2.1x surge might be an average unicorn. Post your sightings and frequency...
  5. HPClays

    Unicorn pax

    So I pick up at a Dulles airport and the destination is National Air and Space Museum (downtown) around 7pm. I confirm the destination as usual, Me: "Air and Space museum, in the city?" Pax: "Yep" - (obviously listening to something on her phone with ear buds) Me: "Great" (had my destination...
  6. Uberchampion

    Positive Thread for the Uber week of October 23rd

    So -I thought to myself..... "Self - Good things happen to all Uber Drivers at some point or another all over the world...." Share something good that happened to you during the last Uber week. Maybe you had a nice pax, or you got tipped, or you got xxx.... Maybe you picked up a Nice Uber...