1. LAOL

    We bought a mansion!

    For this dude.. Uber co-founder Garrett Camp quietly shells out $71 million for Beverly Hills mansion https://www.latimes.com/business/realestate/hot-property/la-fi-hotprop-garrett-camp-beverly-hills-20190627-story.html
  2. T

    Uber fees more than driver pay

    i had this pool trip from downtown sf to sfo and surprisingly found out that uber fees was actually alomst double the driver
  3. E

    It's getting worse.

    Took 51% of the ride total. I tell Pax all the time that they need to leave earlier or Byrd or Lime like 4 blocks away. I do wish I had more of that fare ofc, but robbing these drunks blind should come from the guy listening to and smelling these people. Just crazy
  4. Ubercruxer

    Uber is paying less now

    So apparently according to their new rules, you don’t get paid from the location of “accept” and the pickup point. I’m a delivery partner and so basically I drove 8.9 miles total but got paid for 2.2 miles which is a total of $3. This is totally unfair and I think it’s a stupid move plus I wanna...
  5. K

    Account on hold

    So I received the following email yesterday just 3 minutes before starting my shift. Hi *****, we wanted to inform you that we received some feedback regarding one of your recent trips. we have placed your account on hold whilst we look into this matter internally. please do not come into...
  6. D

    Unfair pay for Uber Pool

    I picked up 2 different passengers at the airport. It was a long and complicated pool drive. Uber made over 75$ off the ride, and I made just over 32$ for the whole long complex effort! Why does Uber make so much more than we do on these rides? Not at all fair paymenr practice on Ubers part!
  7. Mista T

    Pax tells me why she 4* another driver

    Started the ride with typical convo opener: "Do you take a lot of Uber and Lyft? Do you have any good driver stories?" She tells me that last week she had this driver that was so full of himself, he was bragging about how his rating was so high, and how the previous week he had gotten over 100...
  8. BurgerTiime

    Las Vegas taxi drivers to boycott Strip hotels

    https://www.ktnv.com/news/las-vegas-taxi-drivers-boycotting-some-strip-hotel-casinos-for-next-72-hoursfor-the-next-72-hours-some-las-vegas-taxi-drivers-will-boycott-strip-hotel The battle between taxi cabs and rideshare companies continues on the Las Vegas Strip this weekend. A grassroots...
  9. Mista T

    Bad rating, so unfair!

    My ratings have all been five stars for the longest time. But last week I got a lower rating and I think I know who it was. It was SO UNFAIR!!! I screenshotted the surge that was taking place all around me. I showed it to a pax and complained about not making enough money. The pax went on and...
  10. Zdriver19

    Uber takes 63% of Fare

    Unfair Uber takes away 63% of my fare
  11. BkS

    Uber fails to notify for super long trips.

    Anyone else frustrated on uber not informing a trip is over 3-4-5 hours? Got a trip that said 60 min +. Cool love long trips and usually they are about 90 min at most and makes a decent fair. Today I get same notification and once I pick up pax and press start, it tells me Boston MA. Not long...
  12. M

    Making a professional Petition org against Uber/Lyft.

    Prior to my previous thread: https://uberpeople.net/threads/7-months-later-rejection-status-now-officially-off-lyft-uber.246232 In the interest in full transparency here, I know a few of you may say there are better opportunities, there's not much that can be done, or simply taking 'reflect'...
  13. Mista T

    Unfair ratings, yet another pax reason

    pax: My girlfriend has high anxiety, she hates riding alone. She won't do it unless it's a woman driver. me: That's too bad, most drivers are men. Must be tough. pax: She just keeps cancelling rides until she gets a woman driver. me: Dang. What does she do when she's out in the burbs and...
  14. N

    Feelin' Alright!!!

    Six weeks ago, I was deactivated for a bounced check from 20 years ago. I went to the Greenlight hub and was told not to worry about it. A guy named Garrett took my information and sent an email to Uber corporate, afterwhich he told me he would email me personally when he heard back from them...
  15. Zdriver19

    Shady quest practice

    I worked so hard to complete the required number of rides to get the quest bonus in vain. I was short by one single freaking ride. Unbeleavable! Uber just would not send me any trip requests for two hours in DC on a busy Thursday evening. I am starting to think the system is rigged. You work so...
  16. Ant Farmer

    Bombard Uber

    Please do this to support our cause. Copy and paste this question and send it to Uber several times. Bombard Uber until they admit they were wrong and start paying their own GST: Why do drivers have to pay the GST component of a booking fee they receive no payment from?
  17. A

    So i got a ticket for "going through red" but wait it gets better

    I was approaching a long/wide intersection at night. It had 3 lanes and 3 lights corresponding to 3 different directions. In front of the stop line there is also an active railroad track. As i approached, the light was already green. The left lane had 1 car, the middle had 2, the right had none...
  18. B

    I have a real problem with this....

    Ok, so this is really starting to irritate me to no end...so many times I get a ride for a pick up, sometimes it's about 5-7 miles away and like 8-11 minute drive. I always text the PAX that I'm on my way, so they don't cancel on me while I'm headed out there...I pick them up and BOOM....a trip...
  19. X

    Treated unfairly by Uber

    I had a bad experience with a rider yesterday. The rider was very late for her appointment and traffic was really bad downtown: 35 minutes for 5.67Km ride for a total of $10.42 of $8.34 for me. The rider was very upset about the choices of road I made and kept saying "you should have taken this...
  20. Pinkubergirl

    Hey fellow Uberers!!!!!

    I think Uber is getting tired of me. They said I was the highest in cancellations this week than any other driver. I have been back and forth with them this weekend telling them that it's not me and it's the riders cancelling, a couple of them sent me conflicting responses. I sent one this...