unemployment benefits

  1. Filipino858

    Retroactive Pay For Future Unemployment Enhancement?

    The $600 a week is over, as we have passed the July 25 date. My question is this: With Congress and the Senate negotiating a new amount for the FPUC enhanced weekly benefit, do you think that when they do agree with something and pass it into law that it will be retroactive? So let me give you...
  2. ADBPortland227

    Is anyone getting their pandemic unemployment in Portland?

    I was denied regular unemployment and want to know if anyone is receiving PUA? Or experiences with this? I am 13 weeks waiting and would appreciate hearing your feedback.
  3. tipster98122

    Any unemployment benefits for WA drivers during corona virus outbreak?

    Opening this thread to share info on obtaining unemployment benefits. I seem to remember a few years ago that a few drivers in another state applied for, and received, unemployment benefits. Has any driver had that experience here in WA?
  4. TheHotness

    Unemployment knowledge

    This should be fun as I know this subject will open a can of worms... So I always did Uber and Lyft to supplement my income from my full time job. Well recently I was laid off that full time position and obviously I qualified for unemployment. Now knowing the history of Uber and Unemployment...
  5. KevinH

    How Barbara Ann Berwick Won Her Case For Expenses and Unemployment Benefits

    The attached PDF file is part of the materials that Barbara Ann Berwick provides in her "Ridesharing School" to teach other Uber drivers how to be classified as an employee in California by the Employment Development Department or the Division Of Industrial Relations. Such a classification can...