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  1. SirNomad

    Uber charging drivers cancellation fees!!!

  2. SirNomad

    Keep the Change You Filthy Animal!

    Lady sends back food delivered to her as prank. She said some guys would send her UBEReats in the middle of the night as a prank. Apparently this happens often to her. She tipped me $25 to return the food to the guy who ordered it for her. So I sent her this. Best customer interaction by far.
  3. SirNomad

    Food HACK Alert! For all my broke Uber homies.

    Download BK app. Download GPS spoof app. Set spoof to local McDonald's. Create alternate emails as many times as you like. Use emails to sign up for BK, they don't IP log. Buy a Whopper with the Detour Promotion without driving to McDonald's. Delete BK app. Redownload BK app. Rinse, repeat as...
  4. UberPotomac

    See it to believe it.

    Are they think we will continue driving for this ?
  5. BkS

    My uberwife letter to pax. Hope you guys like.

    Uberwife - What uber doesn’t tell you about your ride (or my husband, your driver) Getting a ride with uber is very easy. Open up the app, pick out the type of car, see the price and confirm pickup and your all set. Driver gets you from Point a to point b, maybe starts a little small talk by...
  6. froey26


    Anyone have any luck getting uber to adjust a fare in the driver's favor? This is ridiculous, 6.2 miles in 26 minutes on 1.7 boost for $4.33? Something isn't right. it's bad enough the app auto accepts pool pings, now I have to worry about not getting paid for pool trips?
  7. J

    pay issues

    I've been having issues with Uber paying me fairly. Ive only been working for a month, but almost daily I have to email uber support about a pay issue. Sometimes the fare comes up as lower than the minimum fare, sometimes the fares uber charges are even lower than the fare summary. Ive had a...
  8. E

    UBER Price Cuts No Motivation To Drive!!!

    The UBER experience has been crushed by the latest price cuts. XL is a loss. The rate cuts have "cheapened" the UBER experience. NO MOTIVATION TO DRIVE. Sitting out this Saturday night for the first time since I started driving. THERE'S NOTHING IN IT FOR ME.:(
  9. V

    Uber reneging on guarantee of minimum "earnings" in Las Vegas

    So, as the experienced drivers promised, Uber Las Vegas lowered its rates last week. To placate the frosts, Uber guaranteed minimumum "earnings" of $17.00 for some hours and $20.00 for other hours. The guarantee was conditioned on 1. Getting a minimum of one ride for each hour, 2. Being...