1. father of unicorns

    who is driving a 13 year old girl to school

    Got a ping, went to address and it was a 13 year old black girl. Explained to her, she is a minor and that I could not drive her unless an adult was present. She goes in house and mom comes out. Mom tells me, that I do not know what I am doing, and that it is ok to drive her because other...
  2. Bob512

    Unaccompanied Minor and Uber Policy support

    So Uber tells us that you can not transport unaccompanied Minors. I had 2 requests in a row today that I declined on arrival. Another driver got requested immediately and canceled one also.we should get reimbursed for these trips we must decline and account holders should be disciplined. THEN...
  3. warrior lady

    Pax Pukes All Over Seatbelt... Ideas for Cleaning?

    So Friday late night I pick up pax off of Van Ness St. Two college aged girls, one acting ok and the other one sleeping on and off. The one sleeping was too drunk to answer questions or respond to her friend other than a drunk laugh.. back to sleep. First pax was going 7 minutes away but other...
  4. IERide

    When will Uber do ANYTHING about minors?

    It's against the Uber rules/policy for anyone under 18 to use Uber (unaccompanied by an adult). In California, it's also against the law. And yet EVERY day I get ride requests for unaccompanied minors. Uber pretends to care and enforce their rules and yet they don't even have an option when...
  5. DonCie

    Unaccompanied Underaged Minors

    A lot of drivers are unaware of the fact that Uber and state laws do not allow us to give rides to kids under the age of 18 when unaccompanied with an adult. I kind of stumbled across it in the passenger legal section looking for other information. I've since inquired about a drivers...
  6. lovisone

    Does transporting unaccompanied minors void uber's insurance?

    Since it is against uber's TOS for an account holder to let an unaccompanied minor use the platform , does it render uber's insurance null and void if an accident were to occur while transporting an unaccompanied minor since the account holder fraudulently allowed an unaccompanied minor to use...