1. SalvatoreUberNJ

    Uber Pool Wrong Number

    When I've been driving the last week, I've had 2 different numbers when I do an UberX and UberPool ride. The UberPool ride number when I call is never the right number and unfortunately connects to this random person. How do I go about getting rid of this number or getting a new one?
  2. YouAreAnRBK

    Average weekend pay?

    I am a prospective driver. I am wondering what everyone else averages on friday and saturday nights (as those would be the times I could drive the most). I realize that everyone has different mile and minute rates, however I figured it might not hurt to ask anyways.
  3. B

    Weekly pay in Orlando?

    First off, this is only for drivers with experience. Keep your opinions to your self if your not a driver. Just straight facts from experience. Thanks. How much on average is your gross income weekly on UberX? Let's suppose I work 10-16 hours daily.
  4. A

    Aggresive drunk guys squeezing 5 in an UberX

    After what happened to me 2 weeks ago I vouched I am not picking up anymore MALES at night unless they're alone and that varies. Actually I decided I will not work anymore nights after 9pm unless I am doing airport trips. Every night that I have worked I end up arguing and cursing with a group...
  5. BurgerTiime

    UberBlack driver sues for breach of contract for demoting him to UberX

    http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/business/ride-sharing-giant-uber-accused-of-deceptive-conduct-over-26000-claim-by-adelaide-operator/news-story/61ff142a206ae9c99de604065278e5ac AN Uber car operator has threatened to sue the ride-sharing company for more than $26,000, claiming its “deceptive”...
  6. Z

    From UberEATS to UberX

    I am a new driver for UberEATS but now I am interested in doing UberX. I have been approved for UberEATS and didn't like it very much. I'm wondering if I have to reapply all over to do UberX or can I just email support? In addition if I have to reapply do I use the same email?
  7. mitchell8992

    Newbie - 3rd week.... And have found a TON of success (avg $150, before tips, for 7 hours of work)

    I've found a ton of early success - money and tips and job offers mainly - and willing to share since the moral seems so low around here. I'm in a different position because I didn't know the "old" uber and how much better it was. But I put a TON of front end work into this gig - I have found...
  8. P

    How Uberblack/SUV driver deal with X pings?

    share you way to deal with x pings. Did anybody really get deactivated cause of it?
  9. N

    Detroit Uberx Passangers Must Be The Absolute Worst Passangers In The Country

    I literally vacuum my car 3 times a day. Have a portable. I have great black leather interior that I wipe down after almost every rider, car is 2 years old. My rating is steady 4.9. Driving for a year. Car smells new rides new. I drive select usually. Select has been extremely slow for me for...
  10. BurgerTiime

    Minneapolis Uber drivers are making a fraction of what the company said they'd earn

    http://www.citypages.com/news/minneapolis-uber-drivers-are-making-a-fraction-of-what-the-company-said-theyd-earn/412177123 Uber debuted in the Twin Cities more than four years ago. Today, the San Francisco operates in nearly 550 worldwide cities and is valued at almost $70 billion. CEO Travis...
  11. Riders Champion

    Cop gave me a warning for trying to kill him...

    I learned today that only some offences carry double demerit points, so these would just incur usual points. For more information on fines, demerit points and offences see these two links: www.rms.nsw.gov.au/documents/roads/safety-rules/demerits-general.pdf...
  12. G.Lee

    Question about Driving Full Time

    Hey everyone, So I'm fairly new to the DC area, after having moved here from NYC for a new job. 6-months into the job, I'm learning that the workplace culture and the structure of the role I fill are not very professional. I have strong feelings about the need to move on, but will still need...
  13. G.Lee

    Question about Driving Full-time

    Hey everyone, So I'm fairly new to the DC area, after having moved here from NYC for a new job. 6-months into the job, I'm learning that the workplace culture and the structure of the role I fill are not very professional. I have strong feelings about the need to move on, but will still need...
  14. T

    Does anybody drive xl in the Tampa area?

    Im new and drive xl but have to take x rides as well and it kills me on my fuel mileage. I average $10 hr or just under so far. I have only went out 5 times as well though. Tonight was all x but one was a family of 5 that booked x and I notified uber right after and they paid me xl pay for it...
  15. NoStopping

    Pickup Request at AT&T Park

    It seems like 80% or so of the pickup requests I get on the northeast side of SF are at locations that do not have passenger loading zones. Today I had a guy drop his pin right under a no stopping sign at AT&T park. He stood right next to it waiting for me. I figured it was him so I gave him...
  16. NoStopping

    UberX Uberpool Base Fare in San Francisco

    Hi. Ive been driving a little over a month now and have a few questions I cant seem to answer with the SF govt website or the Uber website. I will be posting them here one at a time. From what I can tell this is one of the best forums for uber drivers. So my first question is about minimum...
  17. QLDUberDriver

    New Uber National Campaign

    If anyone ever wanted proof what level of quality riders use Uber these days, the campaigns done by a Gold Coast agency sums it up. "Our brief was to make it relatable for a mass audience", more like mass morons. The fact that they seem happy to be on MTV placed along shows like "Spring break...
  18. BurgerTiime

    UberX about to get a lot more saturated

    Was at Starbucks and there was a black SUV with LM plates parked just outside. I figured by the suit he was the driver. He made a comment about the banana bread and that sparked a convo. I asked him if he does Uber. He said he does but it's totally dead and luckily he has clients that keep him...
  19. Baby D

    Does anyone Uber Select?

    Does anyone do UBER select? If so how do you like it? Is it more work that doing UBER X? What are some pro's and con's? I will be moving to Florida in the future and was just wondering how different it was and or if anyone recommended it. Thanks for your time.
  20. Ubertrappin

    Uber weekend promotions

    hi guy, new to uber... been about 3 wks. Haven't made that life changing money yet... saw the guaranteed rate promotion for this weekend and just wondering if it worth chasing. I live in Spring and theres no surge or boost ever going on out here except around 3-4am occasionally. Also is the...