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    Toyota Venza 3.5 V6

    I want to change my old corolla for a Toyota Venza 3.5 V6. Please your PROS and CONS. I working at Uber full time, thanks
  2. Uber_Jay2

    UberX over 4 Pax

    Okay what are yall doing out there?? Here law enforcement already told us this they will fine us $1,000 for having more passengers than there are seat belts. So I go pick these riders and they always sneak in that ONE additional person. Then you have to tell them you can only take 4. or they...

    Drive Uber in JAX

    Hola! Yo trabajo full time en Uber en el norte del pais, no me va mal, con este empleo mantengo mi hogar. Por razones de salud quiero mudarme a la zona de JAX y empezar a hacer Uber. Por favor, dejenme saber sus impresiones, cuanto es el avg semanal alla para alguien q lo hace full time. Saludos...
  4. QLDUberDriver

    Uber to buy 24,000 Volvo cars for driverless fleet

    Just as I mentioned in numerous posts in the past, driver less will come sooner than people think. The old conversation of "Uber needs to raise rates" and "Uber needs to not flood the driver pool" is all a waste of time and a repeating conversation for drivers since the first U.S. price drops...
  5. ech

    UberX > UberEATS ?

    In my short experience doing uber eats I've realized I spend around 3x as long from start to finish delivering food as I do on an average uberX trip. Yet the pay for both is the same. For example, a 30 min uberEATS food run will net me about $10 profit, conversely a 10-12 min uberX will net me...
  6. ech

    Rates and Fares for Dallas Drivers

    Are the rates below the same rates every uberX driver has in the Dallas area? I've seen online others say theirs are higher. I've asked uber support, but they wont give me a straight answer, just a copy/pasted sounding response. Base Fare: $0.80 Per Mile: $0.73 Per Minute: $0.08 Per Minute...
  7. Ubre

    Saying hi, seeking feedback

    Hello, Uber partners of Milwaukee and surrounding areas! I have read several posts here but am curious to hear from more drivers about their experiences, likes, dislikes, earnings patterns, tips, et cetera. I have been driving for just a few weeks. Halloween weekend was my first time being...
  8. red8719

    No to uber pool?

    Fairly new driver here still learning the perks to earn more. I've come across users that say do not accept pool requests at all is this true? Should I just do uberx ? What about acceptance rate?
  9. A

    Uber Labor union

    Hello guys, I have been discussing this idea with many other people. The kind of predatory company uber is.... we NEED to have a union between us. Numbers say it all. If we have enough drivers we can have a say in the ruling. We pick a representative that will officially meet uber...
  10. Buddywannarideagain

    Stop giving rides to 5 people on UberX

    I've been pulled over THREE times doing Uber. Do not take 5 pax in UberX. I've had to cancel 3x this week because pax are clearly getting rides from other drivers. Knock it the @@@@ off!!!
  11. mobilads

    How do I find Fleet owners?

    How and where do I find Uber fleet owners for UberX? Is there a directory or link somewhere? Are all fleets managed by big dealerships (Buggy, American Lease, Fast Track Leasing, Tower Auto Mall) or can I find independent owners?
  12. MrsCaLi

    Has anyone used the tire discounts from firestone?

    I need 2 new tires and I was thinking about using the coupon for firestone, not too sure how much wholesale tires are though so I can't really figure out how much it will be to get 2 new tires. Dealer was trying to rip me off as usual. Anyone have any experience?
  13. mobilads

    What kind of car do you drive?

    I'm curious to know what is the most popular type of car giving rides on the road today in NYC?
  14. QLDUberDriver

    AGAIN: Bus passengers travel free as drivers refuse to collect fares

    I wonder if this will affect how many people take the bus over Uber. This might reduce the elcheapo pax using Uber so drivers may have mostly pleasant people to drive around? Who knows. _________________________________________________________________________ Bus passengers travel free as...
  15. jewelthief

    Uber not creating two separate driver profiles for Eats and X.

    Hello, I went to Uber Auckland office today get myself activated. I asked the support staff to create me two separate vehicle profiles for UberX and UberEats. Although, they have created two profiles, one for UberEats only and the other one is for UberX and UberEats combined. The thing is...
  16. CStarzzSelect

    When will season return?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. I just wanted to know if anybody knew when season in Fort Myers for Uber drivers, begins again? These past two weeks have been terrible for me, last week I worked four hours, and made $12, and this week I've worked six hours so far and I've made five dollars. I...
  17. EJ974

    X timer

    there's a 5-minute timer for UBERX trips... :D
  18. BurgerTiime

    Dramatic footage of how ugly things are getting in South Africa for Uber

  19. T


    I have been reading about the new driver agreement that Uber rolled out the other day and how drivers are interpreting it. My curiosity is if anyone has considered forming a collective bargaining group. It would definitley give the drivers some say in how tbings are done when it comes to the...
  20. SalvatoreUberNJ

    500 Trips?! Oh Boy!

    Apparently I hit a milestone driving for Uber! I wonder if I actually won anything? Maybe a new car? Maybe some type of bonus? Nope just an unnecessary email being reminded how much I slaved to Uber and in return got nothing from them. Oh well UBER ON!