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  1. Jerard

    Just getting into this business UBER NYC

    Hey everyone, I need a second job and figured Uber would be a great option, since i make my own hours and from what i understand the money is great.. should i aim for UBerx or Uber SUV? im in a rut and need to make the most profit in the shortest amount of time, what do you guys recommend...
  2. M

    Official Status of Uber X in Sydney

    Guys what is the current status of Uber X in Sydney. Is it legal or not. Sydney drivers may please share their average weekly earning range.
  3. Fiz

    UberX Officially made illegal in Melbourne

    So as per a news article on friday last week, UberX is now officially illegal in Melbourne, what are you UberX guys doing now? Nothing changed - still driving? Waiting for the fallout?
  4. Carrottvision

    New driver in Need of Advice

    I very recently became a new driver in Chico California. The market starting here about a month ago combined with low gas prices, driving a 2005 Honda civic Manual, I felt like the demand was worth it. Even with these advantages, from what I hear from other UberX drivers, makes me hesitant...
  5. BrooklynDodger

    UberX (SUV) New vs Uber Black SUV

    Just recently signed up for Uber with my Black 2011 Chevy Suburban LTZ. Picked up a couple of riders and noticed that all my pings werer UberX. Reached out to my friend who has a black suv and he told me that his account is set up to only accept uber black jobs. So I reached out to uber and...
  6. G

    UBER Generally NOT Profitable as a Driver

    I was sucked in by the commercials - why not monetize my vehicle and time...BUT..... After driving for a month and getting my feet wet, there are many issues to why I have not and probably won't be driving anymore with Uber - most of them bear down to simple economics. Fare %: Uber says that...
  7. Soco

    Uber XL at X rate.

    Recently I have noticed pax order a XL ride and then cancel just prior to my arrival. They then order a regular X knowing full well I'm still the closest vehicle to their location, having turned around and driven 95% of the way. This way they get a larger vehicle (more leg room I suppose) at the...
  8. U

    Is there any option to receive only UberXL pings

    Hi, I am one month old uber driver partner in NJ. I am driving a mini van and most of the ping I received is on UberX and I feel it's not worth to drive my big mini van for uberx ( 17 avg mileage) . Is there any option I can configure to receive only UberXL pings?
  9. ivanB

    Giving out Business Cards to Passengers & Cash

    I always give out my personal business cards to uberx customers that look normal, and I always say my rate is same like UberX except its cash only. So far I was lucky and got a few nice fares out of it. I think this practice is becoming more and more popular with UberX constantly slashing its...
  10. ivanB

    UberX - simply its not worth it - No Money

    I have tried Uber X for 2 weeks now, and I must say its just not worth it. There is no money to be made, and only person making money is Uber them selves. I have tried Uber X I didn't try Uber Select but it simply wasn't worth it. After I counted the number of hours I have worked, and deducted...
  11. BC1045

    UBER Home Town SF Documentary *****

    Just ran across this 2014 Driving for Hire documentary on YouTube. Made in San Francisco, home of Uber. Very informative and enlightening for Uber, Lyft, and other TNC/VFH drivers everywhere. 1 hour 25 minutes, well worth your time. Happy Trails...
  12. SalvatoreUberNJ

    New Uber Update

    I just got an email saying that now when your driving you can accept rides where your drop off is to avoid downtime. How does everyone feel about this?
  13. FlyersFan91

    When & where to drive in Philly?

    I'm sitting here in the northeast (off Rt 63) at 6:30 pm and haven't gotten a ping yet in the 20 minutes I've been here. Thought there would be a higher demand in this area...
  14. hunterT

    UberX wait times at SAN

    How long (on average) are you guys waiting for a ping at the airport? I've been pretty unsuccessful with pickups, but I usually give up and bail out after about 20 mins. Is it worth waiting much longer than that?
  15. B

    Did I make a mistake?

    I picked up an UberX pax going to JFK this morning. I forgot to ask him before leaving where he was going? When I was driving, I realized that I will be going back to NJ empty. That's a lot of dead miles. The gross fare was about $90.00, $20 of which was a surcharge for tolls. I took Outerbridge...
  16. Thelma & Louise (T&L)

    ATO: Tax "Ride-sourcing and tax - part 2" Webinar 21/10/15

    I missed this yesterday due to family commitments - can those that tuned in please give an update. The link to the previous Q&A thread with Michael Hardy, Assistant Commissioner at the ATO https://uberpeople.net/threads/ato-live-chat-%E2%80%93-q-a-ride-sourcing-and-tax.28956/
  17. SalvatoreUberNJ

    Interaction with Police

    So I have been pulled over 3 times since starting with Uber and I've learned one thing from it. As long as you're honest with them chances are they will NOT give you a ticket. I was always honest and nice with each officer I interacted with and they would just hand me back my stuff with just...
  18. A

    Does anyone know how much the median uberBLACK/uberSUV driver makes in NJ (New Jersey)

    If anyone knows any UberBlack or UberSUV drivers in NJ, would you happen to know how much they're grossing or netting? I'm looking to finance a vehicle that covers all four platforms of Uber (UberX, UberXL, UberBlack and UberSUV). My brother owns a Limo License that I would be operating under...
  19. Sully3003

    Halloween Tips and Tricks- LA

    Hello! Halloween on a Saturday- woo hoo! What are some of your tips and tricks to making the most out of your weekend? Stay away from weho? Go somewhere else? Thanks and HAPPY DRIVING!
  20. Z

    Uber Service Fee Schedule; Amendment

    The recent changes to Uber's service fee schedule dated: October 14th, 2015; What do you think the outcome will be? Will the recent changes affect our payout or will this new strategy balance between partners and passengers, giving partners more pings per hour (as uber states) or will this new...