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  1. B

    Providing UBER services to family members?

    When my Dad wants to go to the train station, he requests my vehicle which is an UBER XL and things happen normally from there, he pays the UBER fair, I get the money and 5 stars and thats it. Is this allowed since he is a family member and lives in the same house as me? Thanks
  2. Awais

    Booking uber at Sydney airport without any charge.

    Hello, I have never used uber before. I will arrive in Sydney this Sunday. I want to book an uber from international terminal to mascot train station. Uber fare calculator tells me that it will cost me about $15. Uber has a $20 deal going from Sydney airport. I want to know that whether I need...
  3. golfgti

    Riders using uber x to move house!

    I've encountered this several times, when I've turned up to collect a rider and found them waiting with a household of boxes and suitcases expecting me to assist them in moving. The first couple of times I obliged but I got one today and she had so much stuff I cancelled and told her to call...
  4. flylow

    UberGLO optimizes Downtime while Improving Driver Ratings

    This glowing sign will help your passengers identify you from far away. Will help earn you more positive feedback from your passengers. Price: $24.00 **Free Shipping (11 - 22 working days)** Included: -UberGLO -3.5m lighter socket power cord & non-battery type transformer...
  5. Uber2u

    Uber: Quick to celebrate success, not so quick to respond to concerns

    Uber have been quick to acknowledge and celebrate their success in Canberra. Yet UberX drivers and riders in Sydney are still seeking answers pertaining to the most recent RMS announcement. Allegedly 40 UberX drivers have had their vehicle registration suspended. The RMS have warned that these...
  6. Thelma & Louise (T&L)

    A lawyer representing taxi drivers wants the WA Government to prosecute Uber's directors.

    http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-09-29/logo-of-car-sharing-service-app-uber/6813318 http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-09-29/wa-government-urged-to-crack-down-on-uber/6813144