1. J_The_Driver

    How Does Buying An Uber Black Account Work ?

    What's the process of buying an Uber Black partner account with an SUV spot. I am NOT talking about a driver account. Talking about the actual fleet owner account. I've always rented from fleets, and I'm currently researching having my own partner account. If you have a partner account for sale...
  2. Douglas

    EWR Queue

    Hello All, I have been a little absent from this forum for a while and I figured I would make a comment regarding the EWR hold lot...I driver UberBlack or SUV only, X and XL just don't pay the bills. I find it amazing that so many drivers wait in line at airport considering that the line gets...
  3. N

    Should i stick to UBER X?

    Hi, I have been working on Uber X for a while now on a 2018 Camry and I have a rating of 4.90, I was renting the car but now I am looking to finance my a car either a Sedan Hybrid(new) or a 2015 Chevy Suburban! Should I stick to uber X or go for the Black? What do you drive and suggest?
  4. MiaJay

    Uber black/suv

    What's the deal? Read a post from a while back that the OL/commercial insurance requirements were dropped. Is that verified or not? If not then is NYC TLC the cheapest/easiest way to do black in Jersey? What's the best strategy for this?
  5. Attockpak1

    How to make money like a boss!

    Forgot link but pic says it all... where all the new people at, buy this don't listen to the people who tell you to buy cheap and old. With this you can make 3000 per week working part time making your own schedule.
  6. Annah

    Uber SUV

    So my husband wants to buy a suburban 2016 and do UberSUV in Conneticut primarily starting around greenwich and stamford he claims hell make $1000 a week at the least $800/900 a week working 5 days a week Monday thru Friday from 9am to 6:30pm because UberSuv rates are high. Im doubting it i...
  7. mags2K


    Hello friends I just noticed that in the Chicago area the minimum qualification to drive a Uber SUV is to have a SUV that is 2015 model or newer. Also they say only select few SUV models (Audi Q7, CadillacEscalade, Chevy Tahoe, Ford Expedition, GMC Yukon, Infiniti QX60+, Benz GL, GLS) qualify...
  8. ProDriver.me

    ATLANTA UBER BLACK & UBER SUV ? Make up to $2100 a week

    Hello Atlanta Chauffeurs, We are ProDriver and we are recruiting Chauffeurs / Independent Limousine Operators for lucrative contract jobs with major Limousine companies who need affiliates and luxury TNC’s app’s. On the spot Interviews being held in Atlanta May 8th - May 22nd We are only...
  9. Lelekm

    XL v SUV

    Almost time for me to get a new used vehicle. Wondering if I stay with same XL or switch it up. Do SUVs also get X pings and have to take those to keep acceptance rate from hitting some insanely low percentage? I feel like I get 90+% X requests which are basically money losers for my XL. I...
  10. ProDriver.me

    Are you a Limousine Operator ? Make up to $2100 a week

    Hello Chauffeurs, We are ProDriver and we are looking to contract with 100 Licensed Limousine Operators in Las Vegas this week. ON THE SPOT INTERVIEWS ARE BEING HELD ON March 13th - March 21st We will be in Las Vegas for one week only. We will be recruiting Independent Limousine...
  11. L

    UberSUV and UberXL in Sydney

    Hi, was wondering if you friendly folk would offer some advice. I have a car that would qualify for UberSUV, but wondered if there is there is any way to work out how busy it would be? I'd need to organise hire car plates from what I've read, which are expensive and I'd also have to get a hire...
  12. M

    UberXL - I'm new driver at Cranbourne North, Need your suggestion

    Hi Pals I'm new driver at Cranbourne North, recently bought Toyota Kluger GX, thought to start UberXL SUV service during my spare time - weekday night trip and weekend free time. I've registered with Uber and got passed registration process but I havn't started yet. Can you please tell me how...
  13. J_The_Driver

    UberSUV Uber SUV Driver Looking For An Escalade ESV To Rent

    Hi, I am looking for an Escalade ESV to rent for UberSUV & UberBlack. Email : [email protected] Thanks.
  14. J

    can i drive ubersuv in toronto with a seven seater bmw x5? 2013

    I dont see why i couldnt drive this car as ubersuv if it is all black outside and inside.
  15. MkeUberGuy

    Go Big or Go Home

    Been driving UberX for over a month now, 4.9 rating. I think it's time for me to go UberSUV. How is the product doing here in Milw? I don't see a lot of UberSUV's around, or at least noticed that they are Uber. Anyroom for 1 more in that space?
  16. B

    moving to ny with tons of luggage

    Hi! I am moving to US and I will arrive at JFK with 2 adults (me and my wife) 1 baby and 7 bags + Stroller. It will fit in one Uber XL??? Is there any difference between XL and SUV in terms of space?? Thanks!!!
  17. Douglas

    New Jersey UberBlack/SUV/PremiumAdvise

    I am trying to connect with other UberBlack or SUV drivers in NJ. I have a few questions and also a few answers. All of the threads in NJ are based on X and XL issues and wanted to connect with the few "legal" operators out there. I have NJ Limousine Plates, I own two vehicles and they are...
  18. Shane San Diego

    What can an Uber SUV driver expect to gross in San Diego? Full time driving. 8/26/2016

    I drove uberx in San Diego in 2014 and grossed about 3000 to 3500 a month. I think the rates have come down considerably and I was working 7 days a week back then.
  19. jay_swag-King


    can someone give me some info on how to get into uber black i have the 2015 chev surburban i just dont know what kind of insurance or what else i need? please get back to me with helpful tips for a uberx driver crossing into BLACK?
  20. chi1cabby

    Some Uber Drivers Feel Left Behind As Company Chases Lower Fares

    By Caroline O'Donovan http://www.buzzfeed.com/carolineodonovan/some-uber-drivers-feel-left-behind-as-company-chases-lower-f