1. Punkdriver

    Females are more likely to pay Surge Pricing

    I have noticed that female riders are more like to pay surge pricing. For example today morning I had 9 jobs, all surge jobs and all female. Also my observation is 70% of my riders are females specially in morning. What you guys think?
  2. Punkdriver

    What you will chose during emergency situation - Surge or No Surge

    Imagine some Nasty stuff happen tomorrow like Sydney Siege or Chelsea terrorist attack. Public is panicked and everybody looking to go out of troubled area using taxis or Uber. Demand on Uber system starting to increase rapidly. Now you know people need to get out of troubled area as soon as...
  3. Punkdriver

    What happen when you request an Uber during Peak hours

    While I was waiting for surge in the morning on last Thursday; I thought to do an experiment. I requested an Uber at 7.50am while I was in St Kilda. App was showing driver 8 min away before I requested Uber. 1st driver assigned to me was in CBD 13 mins away. He called me straight away. I ignored...
  4. Punkdriver

    Last week - 100% surge Only Trips

    Last week I did 100% surge only trips in the morning and afternoon peak hour traffic. Following are my stats: Total Trips: 36 Fare: 609.5 Surge: 479.8 Uber Commission: 217.86 Working hour as per Uber: 19 Hour 16 min Actual Working hour: around 27 Fuel: around $100 Tolls: 31.26 KM's Traveled...