1. Waverunner

    How Uber Should Handle Their Discounts

    If Uber wants to give a discount and be fair to the drivers they should handle it like this. Let the Uber drivers select if they wants to offer his/her ride at 20% off. If the driver thinks it is worth it to drive more for less or no money they will select 20% off. On the rider side add a...
  2. MoneyUber4

    Drivers take action

    Drivers, Lets take action: Ask paxs and drivers to file complaints with the following offices: a) Attorney General of each State. (Google your local offices) Business practices by Uber/Lyft and Safe Ride Fees b) Insurance Dept. Surcharges as Safe Ride Fee c) Labor Dept. We are...
  3. Rydx3


    To all my fellow uber drivers cross the US, I think it's time to organize Strikes during main events throughout 2016 to give uber a taste of their own venom. Please pass the word and reach out to all.
  4. M

    Join Fight for $15 in Durham 5pm

    Fight for $15 has organized a massive 500 city protest today. Many other groups are joining including factor workers and public sector contractors all making less than $15 /hr. There will be a rally today at 5pm at Durham City Hall. If you can make it on short notice, bring a sign saying Uber...
  5. M

    Post Strike Organizing Meeting

    There be a first post strike organizing meeting Monday October 26 at 7pm. Cuppa Joe 3100 Hillsborough St. Raleigh 27607 ****parking behind the building. We will have an organizer from the Fight for 15 group to meet with us and talk stratgey. Please bring the phone you use for Uber to prove you...
  6. OrlUberOffDriver

    UberSTRIKE preemptive surges?

    Is this uber way to get drivers to continue driving after 5 or is this common for a Friday afternoon?
  7. PowerTrip


    I have only been Doing UBER and LYFT a short while and don't feel that I would be a qualified representative to voice opinions. I do have connections that could get your voice and thoughts out to the Tampa Media. I don't care if you plan to Strike or not, agree or disagree. I am looking for a...
  8. DieselkW

    Any locals @Indy intend to strike next week?

    http://www.pitch.com/FastPitch/archives/2015/09/30/former-kc-uber-driver-organizing-national-strike-against-the-rideshare-company http://www.wtsp.com/story/travel/2015/10/02/former-uber-driver-trying-organize-nationwide-strike/73210160/ This week, Uber changed the cancellation fee from $5 to...
  9. JaxBeachDriver

    We're back up over a $5 min fare!

    The bad news is uber is the only one benefiting from the rise in rates. $5.05 - $2.05 safe rider fee (directly to Uber) - 20% = $2.60. On a minimum fare ride: $2.45 goes to uber, $2.60 to the driver. Hey, remember in January when they slashed rates? They called it the "winter warm up" but...
  10. KeJorn

    DFW UberStrike City Representatives

    DFW drivers, we need some suggestions / volunteers for who will act as DFW spokesperson(s) / group leader(s) for the planned October 16-18 strike. Can be more than one, especially since we cover so much territory. (Dallas, Ft. Worth, Arlington, North Dallas, South Dallas, etc) Try to keep the...