1. HPClays

    Base fare on UberPoop - .52 or .53

    The fare rate schedule for Washington, DC states that base fare on UberStool should be $.53, but often they are paying me $.52. What are they paying you, and do you want your pennies? Or are you going to let them take pennies from every ride millions of times a day from everyone? Plus...
  2. M

    Uber offers you fewer rides when your acceptance rate is low

    Received the following from Uber: You recently received notification that your acceptance rate needed to improve. We are pleased to let you know that adjustments you have made have resulted in an improved acceptance rate! As a reminder, acceptance rate is monitored to ensure a stable and...
  3. U

    Uber Annoyances that really urked me today.

    First annoyance, UBERSTOOL, I'm not sure if many of you know, but on the pax app when they open it, uber pool is automatically highlighted at the lesser rate. Yes, many times you just get cheap, entitled pax, BUT many times they just open app and hit request uber not paying attention at all...
  4. UberReallySucks

    First UberStool @ 2 x today and it still sucked

    I got a request for UberStool @ 2x today as I was sitting around Mission valley. So I said what the hell ... I accepted as the address shown was less than half a block away. It's an apartment complex, I look for the cheap Pax+ 1, no sign of them... I guess they were taking their sweet time... I...