1. M

    Does anyone here do UberSKI?

    Just curious how it has worked out for you. I am thinking of buying an SUV AWD with ski rack/snow board roof attachment so I can join.
  2. M

    Will Uber pay me enough for a new car each year?

    Hi, I am thinking of buying an AWD SUV or minivan (8-passenger) and joining UberXL and UberSKI. As I am in a border area, I'd like to work both Nevada (Carson City and Reno) and California (South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City, Truckee). I plan to work 40 hours per week, from 8 to 5 PM, Monday through...
  3. M

    Why is there no Carson City forum?

    I am going to be joining UberXL and maybe UberSKI. I live in Carson City and plan to service the Carson City and South Lake Tahoe areas for 40 hours a week. I really don't want to go to the Reno, unless I have to, for the same reasons I would not want to go to Las Vegas (as President Trump...
  4. M

    Is UberSKI worth it?

    I am thinking of buying an AWD SUV with roof rails and a ski rack and buying snow tires so I can become eligible for UberSKI in Reno. This will cost me about $3,100 extra. The car will last two years before I trade it in. Is it worth it? Otherwise I am going with a Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey...
  5. 2CV750CC

    Who knew

    there is UBERSKI and the rates are through the roof - we need to rent a chalet next year and be there for this as seen in Sundance
  6. BobCat Ridge

    UBERSKI has arrived in Utah, sounds like CO maybe prepping similar program..

    Here is the link: http://newsroom.uber.com/slc/2015/12/uberski-from-the-city-to-the-slopes/ They are going to market in Salt Lake area as X and XL rates with a $4 surcharge on top. "uberSKI services all resorts along the Wasatch Front – from Ogden, to Park City, to the Cottonwoods – and has...