1. S

    UberComfort may be the demise of UberSelect

    UberComfort is being rolled out in several areas. There is no list of approved vehicles for Comfort at this time. It also appears that all Select vehicles are not eligible for Comfort rides. Those who drive Select primarily count on business travelers who utilize business accounts and prefer to...
  2. M

    No Uber Select request

    Since yesterday and today i am not receiving any uber select request. I have a 100% acceptance rate. Spent 2 hours online today and not request at all. I am located north of Atlanta Is anyone having the same issue?
  3. Beepbeep41

    Uber X+ End Of Select & Black?

    Smart move Uber! Get rid of Select because all these guys do is try & spill customers to their own bookings website! Why else would you drive a nice car for those rates? Some are crazy or lonely I spose...
  4. UberWayFun

    Did anyone had UberLISTEN trip?

    I had the one and only UberLISTEN trip last November. It was a nice trip with an Uber employee where he got real feedback and few cool improvement ideas from me. In turn he provided me with some inside information. He told me that Airport Pick-ups will be in effect starting June 2018 and that...
  5. U

    Uber Select

    For those who drive UberSelect in Orange County, how is it? Busy enough, or not worth the investment? I assume you can accept both X and Select requests (though ideally, you probably should never do X when driving Select).
  6. T

    Uber Select in Los Angeles requirment exceptions?

    Ive been tryin to find the answer but no luck. What if you have a car that would qualify for select but it was a year too old (2008)... but, the body for that car was not changed until 2014... has anyone heard of an exception being made for an older car with the same body as a newer one that...
  7. B

    Why is Tesla Model X not approved for UberSELECT?

    hi all, new here, been a full time driver in portland for 10 months, will be moving to LA soon, but noticed they don’t allow the Model X as a SELECT vehicle but they do here... any idea why?
  8. CStarzzSelect

    When will season return?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. I just wanted to know if anybody knew when season in Fort Myers for Uber drivers, begins again? These past two weeks have been terrible for me, last week I worked four hours, and made $12, and this week I've worked six hours so far and I've made five dollars. I...
  9. M

    Uber Select Detroit Area

    I've been driving Lyft for a couple weeks and learned that if I drive a nicer vehicle I can get a rate increase. As of right now I get a bit as soon as I turn the app on but I keep getting rocked with small fare rides. Anyone using Select in metro detroit? How long in between fares? Is it...
  10. U

    Anyone in ATL making REAL money with UberXL and UberSelect?

    Anyone in ATL making REAL money with UberXL and UberSelect?
  11. U

    Has anyone made any money in XL or Select?

    Has anyone made any money in XL or Select? I am talking about real money, not just chump change. I see a lot of people hold their pride in. About me, I have dropped $60,000 into luxury cars and still no where near profitable and do not see how I will ever be profitable. I am seeing this a lot on...
  12. TwinCitiesDriver

    New to UberSELECT: Any tips you'd like to share?

    I was fortunate enough to get a really good deal on an Infiniti QX60 (three-row SUV), and since I needed it for family traveling anyway, I picked it up knowing I could now qualify for UberXL and UberSELECT. UberXL drives seem pretty straightforward -- I live right by the airport, so I get these...
  13. Alemix

    Work has been declining since 2017

    I just spoke to someone who's been driving for 2 years only Select and XL. He showed me his work January 2016 and February 2016 and to be honest the difference is incredible of his earnings then and now. Since the beginning of 2017 I barely can make 150$ a day and im online from 8am to late...
  14. SmallTownPlayer

    is UberXL just as DEAD as UberSELECT?!?

    I have been educated by you guys that UberSELECT is essentially DEAD. If you got 1 trip per night on SELECT you should consider yourself lucky. My question is UberXL, essentially the same state of inactivity or is it better or worse then SELECT ?
  15. ahmedfouda

    UberSelect Pearson Airport

    Hi, I'm new to user select. I decided to go to Pearson airport to try it over there. I don't know where should I wait and how long does it take to get a request?. I kept driving around and it took like forever to receive Select request and at the end I have received an uberx inside the airport...
  16. 8debbie88

    Driving uberselect?

    Is it worth buying a luxury car? Are you staying busy? It looks like you can make a lot better money but is there a real market here in Portland, OR for it? If you are an Uberselect driver, I'd really like your opinion.


    Hey guys I have been Been with uber since 2014, I just recently decide to go full time with uber, I drive in North San Jose and mainly uber X with a hertz rental car, and now I just upload by personal car with uber select/X, I was just wondering if you guys have any tips or advice on uber select...
  18. I

    Surge for ÜberSELECT.

    I've seen surge rates for X that pay more than my Select rates, but I've never seen Surge for Select; not here in the Las Vegas/Henderson/Summerlin areas anyway. Wherever you Über...
  19. U

    The Daily Winners 8-)

    Inspired by The Daily Stupid, I've created this as a counterbalance. Post your best Uber moments here, whether it's pax interactions or earnings. Let's make this a repository for morale boost; miracles do happen. :) *** I'll start. From today: Got this as a stack request while working the...
  20. J

    "uber select

    Hello Guyz i wanna that how uber select works because somebody told me that if you registered in uber select but still you will get so many order of uber x so can anyone advise me or their experience. because i am looking to drive uber select but first i know the rationof uber select orders...