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  1. OrlUberOffDriver

    Another Uber Scam

    i have been getting tip percent of the total fare paid by the rider, NOT anymore! Now the new FUber scam shows that FUber really hates us all and resent the fact that we make any money at all. Total fare this rider should have paid based on miles + time prior to upfront crap is $68.07 Rider...
  2. U

    Uber is a scam $6 an hour average

    on average drivers in long island "make" $10 an hour $4 of which you will pay in taxes later on. You are left with $6 bucks. PEOPLE THIS IS BELOW MINIMUM WAGE JOB. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND DONT MESS UP YOUR CAR FOR UBER. Did i mentioned that nobody tips. 99% of trips are $3.66 before taxes. In...
  3. OrlUberOffDriver

    Another FUber Scam

    So, when a rider does a request, the longest route is picked to jack up the "Upfront Fare". When we as drivers then pick up the rider, we are given the short route to destination. In essence we are getting it in the a$$ twice. So, my buddy also paid for the airport fee(not disclosed in the...
  4. OrlUberOffDriver

    Uber Scam

    Uber is scamming Riders & Drivers. So, rider pays for the estimated fare as shown to them upon requesting ride, unless, the disclaimer says if miles and time and tolls blah blah could be a higher fare. The scam is that in most cases the total fare rider should pay is lower than estimate...
  5. OrlUberOffDriver

    UberSUV @ MCO

    Anyone on here & when did this come about. I see UberBLACK is down to 2.40/mile while the SUV is at 2.65/mile