uberpool cancel

  1. Antvirus

    Did anyone else get this Uber Pool Survey today? Reactions?

    I wouldn't know since I never accept them, but can I still pick the first open mouth frown face? I'd imagine the first face is asking the pool pax to turn off their FaceTime, put on deodorant and stop eating french fries.
  2. Daren Rauer


    A RIDER CANCELLED 4 UBERPOOL TRIPS IN 2 MINS BUT DIDN'T GET CHARGED A CANCELLATION FEE. WTF? SUPPORT SAID THEY CANCELLED WITHIN THE TIME WINDOW.... I FOUND POLICY WHERE IT SAYS, "For uberPOOL requests, a cancellation fee may apply if a rider cancels the request anytime after a driver accepts the...
  3. Caliguluber

    Pool $2 Cash Bonanza!

    For those of you that insist on doing Pool, pax seeking a solo ride will now be charged $2 if they cancel once you've accepted their request. Hopefully this will lead to less and less pax willing to suffer the indignities of Pool and the death of the platform altogether!
  4. openc

    Bonus pay - complete 27 trips and earn $80 more

    Hello Guys, I finished 27 trips yesterday totaling around $240.00 and hoping to get $80 on top of that which is $320. When I did a instant cash out on the app, I got only $240 for instant cash. I never tracked this "Bonus" amount before, so I am concerned if Uber is stealing money away from the...
  5. Edman

    UberPOOL Keeps coming up at Atlana Airport RAA

    Is Uber enforcing POOL pick up at the airport for Business men? I just picked up a passenger going to downtown from the airport. And I asked the passenger, because it is Uberpool that she requested, we might pick up another passenger along the way. And she said, She did not want uberpoo but...
  6. carcowbow16

    UberPOOL, what a genuine way to screw us drivers

    So, got an UberPOOH the other morning in North County. Drove up, an older couple, iPhone in hand and four pieces of luggage. Did not start the trip, asked them where they're going, they going to border crossing for Tijuana airport. OK, explained that they ordered POOL and that they have too much...
  7. I

    Your acceptance rate don't have to tank, say GOODBYE to Uberpool forever✌️✌️✌️✌️

    Did you know you can accept uberpool request without having to pick up additional passengers? Yes that's what I said. Pick up your first and only uberpool rider and NEVER get the added riders again. Started doing uber 1 month ago and I've quickly learned how to say screw you to uberpool and I...
  8. SGUberGuy

    Stupid UberPool matched and second rider cancelled

    By right if they cancel once they got a match the rider have to pay cancellation fee. It happen to me yesterday and today. I emailed uber they replied me : I reviewed this trip and there was no trip that was matched in this one. Even, if an UberPOOL trip is cancelled, it will still show as a...
  9. jurekomg


    We need to do the same what drivers from NY did. Stop doing UBER for 2 days, no login, no rides, also if you see the surge price higher than never don't do it. We are working for nothing, UBERPOOL SUC... is a FU.... SH.... 20% is a FU.... SH..... the time and price per mile is a FU..... SH...
  10. NYCuber

    UberPool Boycott

    We all agree that UberPool is Bullshit. We all complain about it but do nothing at all. Its getting worse. Last week Uber took away the option to decline a second pick-up in the pool, now it just adds it automatically. All of us should just decline all uberpool requests. Sooner or later uber...
  11. J

    New Pool Fares??

    What do you guys do if you dont want to take a pool trip? Do u find any repercussions from Uber corporate people? I know they ding people in the past for not accepting sh** like this.
  12. B

    UberPool rider cancellation

    Ok, so this past weekend I accepted two different pool requests where both riders cancelled their request literally as I was arriving. They were both the first leg of the pool trip. At the time, I thought no biggie, just made $5.00 bucks without having to pick anyone up. However, I was only paid...