1. LAboy

    Cute Girls get Tips,UberEats

    I met a couple girls who do UberEats and postmates they told me they get tips most of the time especially from guys. They wear tight jeans and stuff boom haha. One girl told me she makes more with UberEats than any other app. I am not surprised though with all the pervs out here in LA haha. One...
  2. LAboy

    I will Vlog UberEATS on YOUTUBE, to EXPOSE

    Uber doesnt seem to believe me sometimes what some customers do, so i decided to buy a tiny gopro put it on my motorcycle helmet or my chest, i have to expose some MOFOs. haha cuz everyday it's a new story especially with a BIKE i wanna expose the non tippers and the rude @@@@@es, the liars...
  3. LAboy

    UberEats Los Angeles, $5.42 minimum PAY

    I just noticed that ubereats eating is paying much better than any other delivery app. It started this month, minimum $5.. Per delivery during dinner and lunch, and if you work in koreatown or Dtla after midinight till 3am the boost is 1.5 crazy. Who is the winner now haha so stop telling me...
  4. LAboy


  5. LAboy

    How many deliveries per Day, UberEATS

    How many deliveries you all do ? Per day or per night? Me on my bicycle the max i can do per dinner shit is 10, i work from 5pm to 11pm. How many do you guys do in a car ? I always wonder if its the same with a car. Also how many you do with postmates too ? If you do it
  6. LAboy

    UberEATS costumers GAME the system

    So people are cheap asf, not only they don't tip, they cheat us and the system. i hate delivering in Ktown and DTLA, people are poor and lazy. if you cant afford UberEATS go eat macdonadls. what some people do, they order with UberEATS and they put a very close location to the restaurant...
  7. LAboy

    POSTMATES i get TIPS 98% of the time

    I am a bike messenger for both Ubereats and Postmates in LA, for the last month i ignored a bit postmates, because for some reason i get more requests from UberEats. But i checked my earnings for both this month, Postmates wowes me, everyone tipped, average $8 per delivery. There reason i guess...
  8. LAboy

    Delivered UberEATS for Jay Z, no TIP

    Last night, i delivered to this house in beverly hills, it turned out, its jayzs house, i biked all the way uphills there for no tip, from the housekeeper and the securtiy was sketchd out lol, he didn't expect me to pull up at midnight on a Bicycle haha. I know the food was for jay Z, cuz...
  9. LAboy

    How to make MAX profit UberEATS

    The only way to make max profit with UberEats or any other delivery app, is to use your BICYCLE, a moped will work too. With a car, after taxes and expenses you aint making shit lol Like me, i had a mustang that i never use, i sold it last month. I can't stand LA traffic and pay for expensive...
  10. BlackDurango


    I'm under that 80/20 agreement please help me understand my pay.
  11. Kemo1

    Self Employed or Employees of Uber?? Better read this and find out yourself if you don't believe me.

    Many people know uber consider us drivers as self employed and they don't tell us how to work or where to work or when.. we'll as I came to find out this last 2 weeks.. Withtout you knowing, Uber is actually telling us how to work and pay close attention to the experiment I did.. UberPool and...
  12. F

    Jeep Wrangler

    Hope all is well, potential new driver here...just had couple questions... Are jeep wranglers 4 door not raised allowed for uber ? & if so what classification would it fall in?