1. PioneerXi

    The Sights at SAN

    Guy doing arm curls and lifts with weights carried in the back of his Hyundai. (How’s the fuel economy now?) Big tall blonde adjusting her...implants. Guy spread eagle in back of Prius sleeping, hatch up. Mature blonde black knee high boots, belt width skirt. Two guys trading saliva. Guy wearing...
  2. UberX and Select Driver

    NEWS FLASH: Avoid Love Field !!!

    Police are in the Green TNC area checking permits & giving out tickets. They made a pax get out of a car and gave a driver a ticket for an expired city vehicle permit & then made the driver leave the airport. Same officer gave another driver a ticket for waiting downstairs for a fare. I thought...
  3. UberX and Select Driver

    No Surge Theory

    Uber(R) says they are aware of the no surge issue and looking into it. This is not happening in select markets, but nationwide. Wonder if it's part of an experiment to see how drivers respond to the absence of surge. Some have indicated it my be weather or normal for the season. . . . HA ...