1. Michael G.

    ViaVan steals from drivers

    Yesterday I used Viavan as a rider in London. The app charged me £23.45. After chatting to driver he told they offered him the ride for £17.61. Of course after commission they paid the poor driver £14.97. Daylight robbery and dishonest company. I attached proof. Please share this with drivers...
  2. U

    UberLondon threatening drivers to deactivate them

    Unfortunately right after Uber won the case against TfL it started to take it on drivers and threatening them with deactivated their accounts temporarily or permanently if they Don’t accept jobs and take their confirmation rate to at least 80% although they still saying it’s within our right to...
  3. Uberxxxuk

    Your cancellation and confirmation rate

    Hi there What's your cancellation and confirmation rate at? You can have a look at my rate lol The thing is that I only come out in the busy time hunting big surge or long trips and I call it working smart not hard. I go with 1 full tank a week £35 and I make around £500 - £700 a week by only...
  4. Uberxxxuk

    I Almost Killed A Cyclists

    I was driving and coming to double roundabout and I was looking for pedestrians on the zebra crossing and out of nowhere the cyclists just went in the front of me without looking. It's a shame that's some cyclists do that and risking their lives and others and I wonder when it will be strict...
  5. zazoo166

    So here we go guys UBER EAT in London

    https://get.uber.com/p/eats-courier/?_ga=1.31383865.762009147.1463563076 Feel Free to sign up and drive HungryHouse, Deliveroo, and more student delivery drivers out of business! :p https://get.uber.com/p/eats-courier/?city=london
  6. Tahj

    We need UberLondon UNION ASAP

    Uber is starting to take the piss out of us London drivers! By introducing the 10 minute 'Sinbin' ... They are making us operate as a loss. Something has to be done and I think the only way forward is starting a Union. It will help if there are guys out there with proper Union experience. We...