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  1. chi1cabby

    Uber's Blaire Mattson straight out lies on Steve Harvey: "Tips are actually included"!

    Listen to Interview With Blaire Mattson Of Uber on Steve Harvey Morning Show: http://soundcloud.com/steveharveymorningshow/interview-with-blair-mattson At 2:20 mark, co-host Thomas Miles asks "Are you supposed to tip the Driver"? Blaire Mattson giggles and says "No! Tips are actually included...
  2. Black Excellence

    Radio plug for "extra cash"

    Listened to a radio plug for everyone's FAVORITE rideshare service ... found it very interesting. Uber was trumping it's flexible schedule and mentioned how you can make some "extra money" driving for the company. Isn't that interesting? This company went from touting its "you can make $90,000...
  3. OrlUberOffDriver

    Here are the real numbers. 2014 v 2015

    I have kept detailed numbers on expenses & income since I started June 2014 Numbers do not lie, Uber DOES!!! Good luck to all!
  4. OrlUberOffDriver

    Raise Your Rating Without 5 Stars. Maybe...

    First and formost, I do NOT believe anything that Uber says! I often have 5 star streaks, recently I had a 49 streak of(5 stars) and it raised my rating .01 So, I set out to figure this out. As you see, my lifetime trips is: 1042, Rated trips: 802 of those, 722 are(5 stars) and I show a 4.87...