1. BobbyThe1StarDriver

    15$ for 15 trips Quest in LA

    Anyone want to do this lucrative quest this weekend?
  2. Nagodesi

    Starwood Dumps Uber as Partner

    Good Morning Everyone.. another Partner lost by Uber.. https://www.flyertalk.com/articles/spg-and-uber-have-ended-their-partnership.html
  3. OrlUberOffDriver

    UberSUV @ MCO

    Anyone on here & when did this come about. I see UberBLACK is down to 2.40/mile while the SUV is at 2.65/mile
  4. OrlUberOffDriver

    Required monthly trip

    Since quitting 12/11/2015 I have truly enjoyed my time. Here is my monthly required trip to stay active.
  5. OrlUberOffDriver

    Uber Driver App issues?!

    Not many cars on the riders app. My car not showing. Sent email to uber thru the driver app and nothing. Anyone else having issues?