ubereats delivery

  1. GruveRecords

    Missing Trip, Fighting with Uber for a week now

    Last Friday night (June 1st) a trip disappeared right after completing. It vanished and still hasn't shown up over a week later. I called them twice in the first 48 hours and they were saying "Wait 48 hours and contact us again if it doesn't show up" Still nothing has shown up and I have been...
  2. eddie21

    Can I cancel an order if the customer put the wrong address?

    i been getting customers that put the wrong delivery address. I was told by another Uber eats driver that I don’t have to take to food to the new address if I don’t want to, it’s that correct? I don’t want to go in trouble if I do that. Thanks
  3. rajlondon

    Ubereats londom

    Hi I just started with ubereats. I’m doing it to save up for a software developer course. Is there a best practice to do ubereats? I live in central London the shoreditch are and I went out yesterday for 7 hours and made £50 which is pretty shit tbh. The app sent me all over central London...
  4. GruveRecords

    Odd one today.. Customer called restaurant to say he was picking up order himself..

    This happened at my favorite spot to pickup from today.. I get there and manager (who knows me) said customer had called and was going to pick up the order himself. While this seems like a normal situation to handle in the real world, this is Uber.. We were both a little thrown off because this...
  5. Tennisisfun93

    UberEats - Is it worth it yet?

    Should I opt in to Uber eats? I have driven FT for Uber in Pittsburgh for the last year, and I have noticed weekdays midday it’s typically a ghost town, at least in comparison to when demands higher. So, ubereats is more appealing to me as of lately than it was earlier this year when Uber...
  6. Maven

    30% Uber Cut

    Are you a "new" driver who started July 2017 or later? You probably know that the Uber Cut is subtracted from every fare and delivery. Do new drivers, who started July 2017 or later in New Jersey, have a 30% Uber Cut or the 25% Uber Cut assigned to New Jersey drivers who started earlier? I know...
  7. YourPrivateDriver

    Uber Customer Service Rep Changes Woman’s Name To ‘@@@@@’ After She Complains

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/[email protected]@@@@_us_59aeeb16e4b0b5e53101704e?ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009 UberEats: Where they cancel your order after making you wait an hour and a half, then change your name to “@@@@@” when you complain. Nope, that’s not the tagline for...
  8. M

    finally deactivated from ubereats delivery

    I was canceling whatever order I wanted when I picked it up and got deactivated after about 2 months of doing it(I still drive for uberx) Had free food for two months and could've kept going, but a certain incident with a pax ended my reign of free meals. The reason I was deactivated was...
  9. 1GirlAlone

    Welcome to UberEats RantVille, USA

    If allowed... driving for UberEats can become more & more frustrating by the day for most drivers. And for all you irresponsible homosapiens that can't adult, do something constructive with yourselves. For example prior to ordering take-out for deliver.. 1. Learn and memorize the exact f*ck!ng...
  10. uberlx

    UberEats Delivers was good at one time. But not no more.

    Ubers positon is to always screw drivers. But they shot there selfs in head on this one. When they started ubers eats. The delivery driver made ok money to survive on what they set up and called Guaranteed Promotions so the full time driver working this program was able to meet requirements and...
  11. DeplorableDonald

    THIS is why I'm not opting into UberEats

    McDonald's in SoCal is now using UberEats to deliver, wait for it, Happy Meals. I can't stress strenuously enough say how much I would object to doing this. I haven't set foot in a McDonald's in years (for food; pee breaks don't count) and do NOT plan on doing it for someone that's a...
  12. Maven

    UberEats Tipping, Rating & Matching

    Tipping sucks for both delivery and pickup. :( Some will argue that they subjectively see better tips on either delivery or pickup. Others will claim that tipping is better for premium services (uberBlack, uberSelect, etc) or worse for uberPool. Tipping still sucks on uberAnything vs. LYFT...
  13. U

    any stories from uberEATS drivers?

    I'm thinking of signing up to be an ubereats driver but wanted to hear what the experience is like before jumping into it. Any good stories that might be an encouragement to try it out? Especially if you live in the LA area.
  14. ryantai

    UberEats: No incentive hours in entire week?

    Hi guys, I ride bike for UberEats, and I found that in all this week there are no incentives popping up on the app. Do u guys see the same?
  15. UbeRolla

    UberEATS Brisbane

    So I quit uberX a year and a half ago and started delivering uberEats on Tuesday as there was a soft launch. I noticed the fee is 30% for deliveries but the flat fare was $15 gross with no amounts paid for mileage for the last two nights. However tonight, this went down to $10 gross with no...