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  1. Initial D

    Do some Caviar customers sometimes stiff couriers on tips?

    After I have stopped doing UberEats trips for more than a year now, I recently signed up for Caviar for an extra income & give it a chance to test out how the experience may turn out. So far I have had positive experiences, but I have taken two screenshots where I accepted a trip with base...
  2. KCsunshine

    Problem getting too many Portland Oregon Uber Eats deliveries while trying to stay in Vancouver Wa

    Are there any other Vancouver Washington drivers who have been having a problem getting long distance Portland Oregon deliveries? I can only reject so many of these or my percentage goes down. I've run into a couple of other Uber drivers who have complained this happens too, and got stuck in...
  3. R

    Uber faking up Kilometers

    So i'm a ubereats driver, today i got an order to deliver from Queens heads pub (Victoria Park) to Clancy Drive, North york; which was about 6.5KM. Uber faking it up as 4.33KM?? Almost Uber deduct 2.2KM? I used their navigation though. And i checked my car's kilometers and google navigation...
  4. Kitty Kat

    Asking about parking and the app for UberEATS

    Hi, I have 2 questions. First, I am going to try delivery in the Highland Avenue/Little Five Points area. Does anyone know if there is any free parking in that general area where I can wait for pings? I would rather not waste gas driving around while waiting if I don't have to. I had planned to...