1. leelee81

    New Haven Female driver here!!!

    I'm so happy I found this site!!! Been an Uber partner for over a year now and doing it part time. I must say the price change has made a difference grrrrrr. I'm thinking about gas and mileage and let's not even go there with the short rides ha!!! Uber needs to open some shares. Im scared to...
  2. leelee81

    earnings in NC

    I will be moving to NC in a few months. Wanted to know doing Uber In Raleigh what is your earnings for part time. I am an Uber driver in New Haven CT. I know since the prices changes drivers are not too happy about it and not making as much before. And i do it part time.
  3. SharedRideTruther

    This Is Why Your Drunk Riders Ratings Of YOU (Driver) Are Laughably Sad

    This right here is exactly why you should NEVER give a monkey a hand grenade. Riders, including the drunk $5 fares in your not so favorite college town, are given over 7 ways to judge us, and I'm actually seeing the carnival ride nature of this Uber shizzle more clearly now. As a driver, I get...