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  1. miresearch

    Does anyone do uberASSIST?

    I am curious what the availability of this option is. Thanks!
  2. QLDUberDriver

    Uber is being sued by NY disability advocates for not having accessible cars

    Uber is being sued by NY disability advocates for not having accessible cars The ride-hail company says 200 of its close to 60,000 cars in New York are accessible. Uber is coming under fire yet again for its lack of accessibility for people with disabilities. Nonprofit group Disability Rights...
  3. huxtee

    Got UberAssist ping but did no training.

    Hi, Did my first UberAssist trip today, but have never done the in person training session, only the preliminary online quiz (https://www.classmarker.com/online-test/login/). Was scared I was going to have to dissemble a wheelchair but when I arrived, my 4 pax seemed physically and mentally...
  4. Berbero

    Incentives for UberAssist trips???

    Have you noticed any incentive for the UberAssist trips you do? I remember when I did the training, it was very clear that there are no incentives, it is just a free service to those who needed assistance. However, I noticed an incentive next to every UberAssist I do in my statements. What's...
  5. UberDryv

    UberASSIST - thoughts???

    I can think of a lot of reason why NOT to do this... but before I write this off are there any positives?
  6. Uber_Eastie

    Uber Assist

    Has anybody signed up for Uber Assist? I've been offered it but wanted to find out if anybody had signed up for this and if it was worthwhile (apart from the social justification) Any advice is greatly appreciated
  7. U


    Anyone done the training and driving uber assist in London? They are just about to launch this in Brum and not sure wether I want to be part of it or not. Is their many pings for this service I imagine not... The only reason I really am contemplating doing this is; they are paying us to go...