Putting your life in danger?

    Is it worth it? 1584760704
  2. Mista T

    Uber ride volume down 60-70%

    From an Uber conference call today...
  3. Mista T

    Too much time off

    No money, and no ability to make it with Uber... schools out until end of April. at least. What to do? Go visit some cool, yet free stuff. 50 points if you recognize this place I took the family yesterday.
  4. U

    Request for a lower Uber/Lyft Rental

    Urging all drivers to message Uber or Lyft to request their rental program partnerships to drop rental prices due to low demand of passengers due to current events from COVID-19. I’ve been sending Uber feedback and Lyft support help messages requesting this and so far Lyft has replied back but...
  5. LAboy

    Doordash No TiPS. during this ViRUS

    people dont tip on doordash during this tough time. i got tons of 3$ deliveries. whats going on DD. Grubhub is alright. especially young girls. aka wannabe kylie jenners haha they sell their cats if you knw what i mean haha for living but they dont tip.
  6. DollarFree

    Ok, who's gonna be first?

    Which of the regulars here is gonna be first to be confirmed nCV+? 1584415962 I fear this might be when the virus makes the zootropic move from humans to fowl... (Not wishing it obviously)
  7. PioneerXi

    Was There A Change in Uber DF

    Decided to call it a night about 2145 last night and turned on DF. Got one DF ride, passed over a $3 ride, took a second ride. About 30 minutes after turning the DF on, got this message: “...or when you reach a destination time limit.” Time limit? Did Uber put a time limit on the DF? (Much...
  8. J

    Whats the most $ Uber has taken on one ride from you?

    Mine was Saturday and it was straight robbery. Backstory: get a request for a pool ride Est 38$ 42 Minute ride. Ok Sweet good sunday morning ride. Drive 8 minutes to pick up and when im 2 lights away a second passenger is automatically added saying its +$10 onto the trip. Boom sweet good $50...
  9. Nina2

    Uber may suspend the accounts of riders and drivers exposed to coronavirus

    https://www.theverge.com/2020/3/11/21174693/uber-coronavirus-suspend-account-rider-driver-health-covid19 Uber is considering suspending the accounts of riders and drivers who have been infected or come in contact with COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, the company says. This...
  10. PioneerXi

    Just Shoot Me.

    First ping of the day is Lyft and I pull up at the pin...which appears to be about 75 feet from the street address. It’s foggy, I’ll leave the hazards on so they can see me. Check the destination...it’s two stops, out to a pharmacy and back to the pick up point for what looks like minimum fare...
  11. Mista T

    Dont touch me

    How I feel when pax decide to touch me, for whatever reason. Just want to ....
  12. Mista T

    Destination discrimination: poll

    Uber sez that DD (destination discrimination) is no bueno and they take these issues very seriously. So I'm thinking of various situations when it might be okay, looking for your opinions. I know the TOS, no need to quote them. Scenario 1: You've got your DF set to go South. Uber matches you...
  13. Mista T

    Business predictions with coronavirus looming?

    Let's hear some opinions, just for fun. With Coronavirus hitting the states, and people starting to panic, how will that affect our 'business'? One thought is it will decrease rides, as tourism drops and more ppl stay home. Another thought is it will increase rides as commuters try and avoid...
  14. B

    Uber Account Suspended (Stupid Mistake)

    So I managed to get myself suspended indefinitely from uber (After 231 trips /4.95 rating and 2 months driving) while showing my friends the uber driver app and boasting about my new found side-hustle, I thought it would be a good idea to take his photo during the verification process to go...
  15. Stevie The magic Unicorn

    Florida declares health emergency 2 presumptive positive Coranavirus cases.

  16. PioneerXi

    Uber Warns of Corona Virus

    In app notification from the drop down menu about today’s promotions.
  17. Mista T

    Need to vent

    Minorly frustrating day so far today. * Pickup at mega apartment. Gate one is locked. Gate two is locked. 5 minutes later I made it there. 3 minutes later pax texts "are you coming?" Well shit lady, I've been outside your front door for 2+ minutes now... she and screaming baby get in for a 3...
  18. Mista T

    Failure of Self Driving Cars and Uber/Lyft

    Failure of SDCs A “big picture” goal of Uber and Lyft is to get rid of humans. Imagine being able to have a computer system control 99% of the functions involved with running a business. A human requests a ride. The AI dispatches a vehicle. The AI acknowledges them upon arrival, and again when...
  19. Mista T

    My unusual Ubering habit

    I hate speedbumps. When I drop off in an apartment complex, I will not end the ride until I'm out. Knowing that I'm getting paid to cross them makes me feel a bit better, even though it only ends up being like 5 cents extra. I know, I'm strange. Fortunately, I'm in good company! 🐉
  20. Mista T

    Another a-hole uber driver

    Sat night, got a ping at a popular hotel/bar. It's on a very busy downtown one lane road, and traffic backs up frequently. A block away, I'm following a minivan Uber. We cross the intersection and the guy STOPS, forcing me to stop in the middle of the street (blocking cross traffic). Still my...