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  1. G

    Uber case study - A failure of leadership

    Only an idiot of a company like Uber Australia which prices the transport service of a Uber SUV vehicle the same as Uber sedan vehicle. Not only is a SUV vehicle running costs higher than a sedan vehicle, a SUV normally have more space ie leg space, luggage space and is more comfortable. Why...
  2. H

    Who's better than Uber? Not you, thats for sure!

    $4.23 for my X fare of 6 min 11s, Uber gets $6.19, I drove 14.6 miles (pickup was 3 miles took them to a resteraunt 3.31 miles away. Door to door (started at my house) 32 mins. So at 2.65 a gallon (gas is going up) I paid $1.30 in gas, and made a rate of$5.93 PER HOUR MINUS depreciation of my...
  3. V@l

    Can I have two licence in one car

    Hello gents. I'm thinking to get another licence as I live in watford i can easily apply for a three river licence. My intention is to use the same car that I got now but the car it's got a PCO licence already. I'm pretty sure this question was asked before but I can find the post in this...

    Mazda 5 o VW Passat

    Hola a todos. Voy a cambiar de carro para seguir en Uber NJ, que me recomiendan para Uber X, un Mazda 5 (2006 a 2010) o un VW Passat (2006 a 2011). Vi ambos carros con un promedio de 100k y lo deseo comprar en cash. Por favor ayudenme con los pro y cons de ambos. Actualmente tengo un Toyota...
  5. R

    THE ANSWER TO " How much can i make with uber "

    okay lets break it down to a realistic figures monday to wednesday working between 1pm to 6pm wil get you around £13.50 an hour, thats having a 5 min cigarette break every 1hr, Early morning will get you around £18-£20 an hour from 4am to 9am. thursday similar hours basically £15-£16 an hour...
  6. B

    Sign Listing Fare Amounts for Drivers

    Hey guys i just wanted to share this with you all. I started posting this in the back with my "free wifi - password: please_tip" sign. i feel like most pax don't know that A: we don't get 75% of their fare B: we make 25% less in the East and South Bay vs. SF & Penninsula I didn't have...
  7. R

    Summer slowness & new job

    My first summer driving uber in ATL was 2015. It was slow. Also slow summer 16. Fast forward to March earlier this year. I'm droppin a UberX ride off at the airport and my engine conked out on me near the taxi lot on the North terminal side and my passenger walked from there (he wasn't mad he...
  8. U

    Buying a new car need some ideas guys.

    Hello all, I drove a mini van that just took a crap on me so time for an upgrade. I was doing uber x and xl. Looking for a new car now. My choices are the following: Acura Mdx to do select and xl. Toyota camry save gas. Toyota camry or Prius hybrid save even more gas. Lexus es350 to do...
  9. pizza guy

    X ride matched with pool

    Had something weird happen today. I was driving my rider to the destination and got a ping. It was kind of early in the ride but I still blindly accept it thinking it's a stacked ride. I check the app and it's a pool match. I just thought I accidentally accepted a pool ride and the rider wasn't...
  10. G

    Can i afford my $1000 rent while driving for uber full time?

    Im moving into a decent sized city (Denver) and my rent is around $950 a month. Im curious if i can make rent without having to work 50+ hours a week. I would be using UberX
  11. Edman

    Difficulty navigating thru Uber website

    I’m looking for newest information on selections of vehicles to see what vehicle years, models and makes differentiates levels of service that Uber provides. For instance X, XL, Select, Black, Suv. Which Vehicle makes and model does Atlanta accept for different categories? Where do I go to find...
  12. Ricky Davis

    It's a war out here

    And no more mr nice guy. The app tells you when i will be at your location, if you are not there i will give you 3 minutes and then i m rider now showing you. No sweat off my back. I will never understand how much of an @@@@@@@ you have to be to not be out there when the driver arrives. Every...
  13. miguelitppty

    Uber Black

    Ia m a Driver and a Rider as well, i ask the uber black gentlemen how's the money looks like to use my BMW, he said 600 to 700 in a bad day 250.00 can anyone attest to this ? because the X side is pretty much slow.
  14. M

    Uber taking 38.53% of Uber X trip

    I driver Uber X. After I took this pax to her destination she showed me Uber charged her $7.37, but Uber only paid me $4.53. Even-though math has never been my favorite when I did the math, Uber is keeping 38.5 % of the fare. Check your fares guys. Uber is out to get you
  15. prerollduber

    Tipping app "Bravo" is a game changer

    BRAVO APP DOWNLOAD LINK https://trybravo.com/#home Watch “Bravo Tip or Pay, the Cashless Way” on Vimeo: No more excuses about "nobody carries cash anymore" from cheap ass pax. This tipping app I found looks like it can increase our earnings immediately by making it effortless to tip without...
  16. ArsenalGunner

    Uber reversed my cleaning fee! What now?

    So I haven't done uber since late January after telling them to deactivate my account for lowering the fares. Anyway, I had them reactivate me few days ago as I heard they upped the fares again. I did alright driving Friday night and then on Saturday. Late Saturday night, I had a Select call...
  17. Reversoul


    this is why it doesn't surge in my area for X unless it's after 1 am. These guys sit idle in parking lots all day long. They're always online. I'm going to just stick to xl from now on. There doesn't seem to be many xl drivers in my area. Last night I made $80 plus got a couple of tips and that...
  18. Jake1326

    UBER Kansas City "Now Cheaper By 15%" E-mail Blast Friday

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  19. ArsenalGunner

    Uber Select Ripoff

    So, I'm a brand new Uber Select driver. Traded in my Uber X car for a luxury Uber Select car. Apparently, because it is not an SUV, I do not have the ability just to choose Uber Select...meaning I have to do both Select and X rides. Well, lets just say, three days since my update from X to...
  20. Phila Uber Black

    Raise your voice to Support Philadelphia Schools and Transportation Industry

    The senate bill just introduced in house 2 days ago so it's the right time to tell our house representatives to make Philadelphia a better city for schools and transportation with this bill...